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Integrable Field Service Management software

FieldX is a field service management software designed by Archisys especially for maintenance industries that has majority of its employees or engineers on field and on the move. It can easily be integrated with any CRM or ERP software and is customizable as well as flexible enough to adapt to any maintenance company’s policies.

expense management app
expense management app


Expense Management Software for Enterprises

Xpensys is an expense management app developed by Archisys for enterprises to manage employee expenses like reimbursements in an efficient and easy way. Xpensys also helps employees ask approvals for trips and expenses in advance from the set approval authorities. This app has premium features like policy and audit management too.

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Stock Trading Apps

Stock Trading Apps

We help stock-brokers build mobile-based stock trading platform for their clients.

Uber Like Apps

Uber Like Apps

We build taxi booking apps that resemble Uber, Lyft, Ola, etc. and similar software.


E-Commerce Apps

We help sales and ordering companies build their own ecommerce apps for customers.


Online Grocery Apps

We help grocers connect to their clients on a larger scale by developing grocery apps.


FSM Software Solutions

We develop Field Service Management and CRM solutions for maintenance industries.


SFA Solutions for Enterprises

We provide custom Sales Force Automation through software and apps for enterprises.

Our clients love our work. Here’s what they have to say

“FieldX is so easy to use & comes with a lot of functions most of which has been utmost useful to us. Also, the company’s support team is very efficient with most of our queries getting answered within a few hours. Would highly recommend this software. 5 out of 5 from our side."

Lockesleys Ltd.

“We at ‘Omega Elevators’ strive to provide the best service to our clients and have professional engineers to cater to their needs. But maintaining the team’s trips and expenses on a daily basis would have been a nightmare had it not been for their Xpensys app. Thumbs-up for Xpensys!”

Omega Elevators

“The efficiency of our sales team has very significantly improved ever since we started using Xpensys. After what they have delivered and their support team’s dedication, I’d totally recommend them and their apps to anyone who’s looking for professional mobility solution.”


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