5 Areas in which Archisys helps in Digital Transformation of Healthcare

The need to address this topic came to my notice while I was penning down the previous article 10 points to help you in understanding and planning Digital Transformation in the wake of the ongoing digital rat race post-pandemic where every other company is busy miming the ones that have successfully implemented technology within their business model.

This is an effort to let pharma companies know about the 5 areas in which Archisys can help bring in digital transformation of healthcare since we have been trying to help them through the digital adoption process as smoothly as possible.

Online marketing for Healthcare Professionals

The onset of the pandemic has cornered the entire marketing strategy for a lot of pharma companies that had been relying on primitive ways of selling their products through events and face to face sales with the help of on-field employees, indirectly distancing them from healthcare partners, professionals, and decision-makers. 

Archisys creates the much-needed shift in the pharma mindset by providing pharma companies with more resilient digital channels be it through websites, apps, advanced chatbots, mailing systems, or any other medium that lets the industry communicate and build their business relationships even stronger. 

It is quite important to create the much needed digital disruption in the marketing of and for healthcare by building digital channels through which pharma companies can increase their engagement with their retailers and buyers with the help of personalized content and other strategies aimed at providing value to them. 

The primary aim here is not just to digitize but also to help them create a rather modern and engaging way of bridging the gaps through online sessions, webinars, video conferences, AI-based chatbots, and more instead of the old digital channels of digital marketing that most businesses tend to avoid or ignore.

Not only that, but when it comes to promoting and conducting their business through digital medium, Archisys also helps pharmacy chains in creating intelligent digital selling mediums for their customers where they can sell drugs and medicines online. For more information on the topic, refer to How to sell drugs online (fast).

Online Appointment with a Doctor

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected people with the deadly virus but also other people suffering from diseases. The biggest impact of the pandemic has been on mobility. With most modes of transport out of the question and face-to-face treatment being jeopardized, patients need to have an alternative to getting their needed treatment from doctors.

Doctors need to provide their patients with the ability to not only consult online but also to book appointments online so that they can come and go safely while adhering to the social distancing guidelines. 

Apps like these do not have to be standalone and can have multiple clinics catering to patients from one common platform. These kinds of apps can not only keep the doctors and patients safe by making everything paperless and contactless from appointments to reports, bills, and even prescriptions but also become a health and safety knowledge-sharing platform for people as a part of spreading the awareness.

Archisys recommends that such kind of platform projects should be adhered to or undertaken by the healthcare industry pioneers like pharma companies that can easily use their existing relations and data to onboard as many doctors as possible based on the locality and use the hyperlocal business model to target different demographics. I’d talked about the same business model in relation to the pharmacy business in the article, Hyperlocal: The future of online pharmacy business model, just in case you are interested.
If you are concerned about creating an app for doctors then this article might help you out: How to build an app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor at your clinic and if it doesn’t then Archisys is always there for you even if it’s solving a simple query or in understanding something!

Use of Actual Industry Data

While our healthcare heroes are battling the pandemic out in the front, pharma companies and suppliers are providing them with arsenals needed for the battle. Yet, due to the pharma industry’s late adoption of digital technology, supply and demand fail to meet frequently, jeopardizing the personal wellbeing of these healthcare professionals.

As healthcare partners, it becomes the responsibility of these companies, both morally and ethically, to make sure that these demands are foreseen and met at this time and age where technology has been an enabler for most other sectors including eCommerce. Especially when the situation has become such that the pandemic has made a lot of people even more vulnerable to other diseases directly and indirectly. 

The ability to predict the rise in demand has become a reality now with all the data in hand. eCommerce businesses like Amazon have been making use of their data with the help of AI technology. 

As manufacturers, it becomes the primary responsibility of pharma companies to ensure that the healthcare ecosystem is never challenged with a shortage of drugs – a problem that can be tackled with increased reliance on the predictive capabilities of data and AI to map out changing patterns of usage and demand. In one of our articles, we had explained in detail Why Pharma companies should use Machine Learning ML for Demand Forecasting as well.

On the other hand, as distributors, pharma retail chains need to be prepared in providing medicines and drugs to patients who want medication shipped directly to their door and an ever-improving healthcare service that aims to facilitate that. In fact, I had talked about in length how data will become the backbone of pharma companies if the intelligent implementation of IoT happens within the healthcare sector in the near future: Why is the application of IoT in Pharma Companies important?.

These two things lead to the next concern where Archisys puts its emphasis on i.e. with the increased adoption of telehealth and digitally-powered clinical decision support (CDS), pharma needs to respond with an agile supply chain management.

Smart Supply Chain Management

The primary cause behind the recent crisis in the healthcare sector happened because of poor and primitive supply chain management within the pharma industry. This is because the pharma industry in general has shown a lot of resistance towards digital transformation while all the other businesses took the help of technology to move forward.

Although a few companies tried taking the help of IT, most of these changes implemented were executed for easing up the processes instead of challenging, disrupting, or transforming them. 

Archisys has been a part of the digital transformation process for a lot of logistics companies including Shift (one of the leading movers and packers in the UK) as well as pharma companies like Biotech. 

During the onset of the pandemic, while a lot of logistics companies were affected due to the inability to function digitally, I had addressed how different kinds of custom and tailored apps for logistics companies can help them in overcoming these problems.
But realizing how the pharma industry’s own inactions over the years had started affecting millions of people and patients across the globe, I’d decided to address the various ways in which the pandemic has challenged the strength of Pharma Supply Chains and how Technology can Overcome the Key Challenges Faced by the Pharma Industry supply chain management as an attempt to help out the pharma companies who are seeking for an actual digital transformation within their company.

An Intelligent Technical Collaboration

Pharma companies have woken up to the potential of the cloud in the last couple of years, especially in the collaboration of various teams within companies. A lot of them seem to have understood how the cloud facilitates closer collaboration between organizations by making it easier to share data. 

As a result, the process of finding new treatments has gained a lot of momentum. This is why various multinational pharma companies have been able to synchronize so easily in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Archisys has not only been one of the pioneers of implementing cloud-based solutions in industries across various sectors but also has been enabling pharma companies with the ability to respond rapidly to changes in the market, with solutions ranging from apps to chatbots. Collaboration with technical consultants like us can help pharma companies stay ahead of the curve when it comes to servicing healthcare professionals and patients.


The pharma industry has been a late bloomer in the race for digital evolution. The blame cannot be solely put on the unwillingness of industry forerunners since it is one of those businesses with a lot of rules and reguations. 

While it has taken a pandemic for the rulemakers to realize that most of the rules need to be changed for the benefit of the industry as well as mankind, it’s still not late to be the change. Like many legacy industries, pharma is on the stages of exploring the potential of digital transformation but it cannot affford the luxury of time that other industries had. So, they have to make things happen as quickly as possible as it has an opportunity to change that now. 

As one of the earliest flag-bearers of digital disruption, it becomes our duty to let the business leaders and curious insiders know the mindset, process, and work that goes behind every digital implementation and timely evolution. 

Archisys’ combined capabilities of digital consultants, digital transformation experts, and tech experts, makes us a great choice for pharma companies to devise systems, processes, and tools that will help healthcare professionals deliver customer-centric, self-service, data-driven, COVID-19 secure solutions to retailers, patients, and people in need.

Do not hesitate to contact me at hello@archisys.in for queries or discussions!

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