5 Important Things Every Enterprise Mobility Apps Must Have

Authored by chintan on March 1, 2018


Mobile is at the “HEART” of everything businesses do these days. The amount of effort that is put into developing all this amazing apps is staggering. These well designed apps surely give businesses the marketing edge that they want. However, well designed apps are not always perfect as they may look excellent but, they lack key features that could make a difference. If your app is missing that then you should definitely rethink what are the things that you missed out on and needs a little attention.

Following are the 5 most important things you should keep in mind before developing an enterprise app


Apps Must Work Offline:

Imagine going mobile and not able to work due to lack of internet connection, surely put you off straight away right. Mobile apps that cannot work offline are a real waste. Not all phones have access to data services and so apps must work offline too.  An offline app’s performance can be snappy, consistent.

And the best part of an offline app is that, it has the potential to add a couple of more hours to the battery life on your phone.


Provide User Feedback:

Feedback play a very important role as it allows the users to rate or comment on the app features and also get suggestion that can be improved. In this way, businesses can constantly work on their weaknesses and improve every day. Users feel ignored when they cannot express their heart out.

Thus, giving importance to the user’s feedback and acting upon it is surely an essential need for you.


Support Customization:

App customization could be as easy as permitting the user to pick a “skin” or as advanced as permitting the app’s menu to be organized. This matter as a result of what works within the field is typically not precisely what was planned for. Successful businesses got to be nimble and adapt, which needs their apps got to be even as nimble. Apps must conjointly support customization to support the distinctive options of every device kind, whether Android or iOS. Customizing an app makes a use feel something new, different and the user will be happy to use your app over and over again.


App Security:

In this fast growing world of technology, an unsafe is really a big no while developing an enterprise mobile app. The security of your users is the main concern when they are using the app.  The secured app is always recommended to build an awesome enterprise app. As technology  is growing everyday so are the number of hacking and information leak reports.  “As per Gartner’s prediction, 75% of mobile applications will fail basic security tests.” The hackers will continue to exploit security gaps in enterprise mobile apps to crack sensitive information. Key point, mobile app security is something developers need to seriously act upon.


Keeping Updated:

In the modern-day mobile world, keeping up with the competition helps you to improve, innovate your app in a better way. Thus, Enterprise Mobile apps must be simply updatable not only to fix issues however, additionally incorporate user feedback and supply improved features. These updates must be straightforward to implement across all platforms and devices. Updating an app keeps your customers happy. For a mass driven market, users emerge because the most vital app testers and their discontent should be taken care as early as possible by a mobile app development tea

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