5 Irrefutable Motives: To Build A Custom Business App For The Solution You Want

Authored by chintan on February 23, 2018


In this competitive world of business, software has certainly played a big role in optimizing the internal process. But when it comes to medium-small size business operations, it would be really stupid  to spend vital resources on the spreadsheets and new employees.

But Thank God, in this fast growing World of technology we are blessed with platforms that let us customize the app that we want and take good care of various back end processes such as security, server infrastructure, up-time, etc.

Here are five influential reasons why a custom business app can help you build the solution you want.

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work anymore


Every business wants to stay ahead by being updated, thus, the old traditional software model that was used for all doesn’t work anymore businesses now have changed the way they work. You as business owner certainly know what exactly your business needs to stay ahead in the market.

For example: A business now can manage how they reimburse expense of the employees through Expense Management mobile app, Similarly a Field Service company can now track the status of the jobs done by their employees on a mobile application.


Software Infrastructure is a waste of money


To be successful, every business needs to minimize their spending on infrastructure and IT staff, therefore, every penny that is saved or earned counts.

Nothing is impossible; by opting to build an app of your own the business definitely can save money on infrastructure and data security. More often than not, platforms providing custom applications charge according to the feature set you require, number of users and data storage.

Thus, there’s no need for a big upfront investment to get started as you only pay for what you need and use.


Slow Integration with software traditional model


Slow and steady wins the race! But does that actually work when it comes to integration? No not really in order to keep up with the competition businesses have to be a step ahead. Unlike slow installed software, online database platforms have pre-built integration with several utility products.

The benefit of having pre-built integration is that you don’t spend time and money hiring an IT resource or third party to do the integration for you. It’s already pre-built, so you can get the integration up and running much sooner than if you had build it – or worse, pay extra to have it built.


Custom Database do scale

Spreadsheets and stickies don’t


Custom database matches the size of your business and scale according to your business needs.
You need to start small with few of the amazing business features. Custom cycles are short and so you can easily scale the application with ease according to your needs.


Visualizing data is a huge challenge


Keeping track of essential business data is a must and most custom applications provide varieties of tools and packages. For example: With custom applications you can track the number of products sold, orders received in any given period. The data can be organized, analyzed as it all stored in the custom application which saves you from having to go into excel and work out yourself.

Beside this, custom business apps are a cost effective way to manage the internal workings of your company.

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