7 Advantages of Grocery App and How You Can Make Full Use of It

Introduction to Apps and its Utility

The app is a commonplace word today after the advent of smartphones and its extensive use among people of all walks of life. Industrialists, private/public/government/local-body employees, students, homemakers, and the general public all use smartphones as a matter of routine means of communicating with peer groups, for business communication, and for staying in touch with their family 24/7.

Apps Change Lifestyles

Little we need to tell how apps have changed our lifestyle – people use for booking travel tickets, homemakers for ordering grocery, students for education, colleges for administration, governments for publicity, businesses for selling merchandise, entertainers for delivering/streaming movies, search engines for making the internet more usable and so on. Life without smartphones and apps is simply unimaginable.

One of the brightest areas for apps today is the “farm fresh delivery service app” segment that has the potential to change how people shop for farm produce, such as vegetables for example.

Developing a Grocery App

The focus of this article is on the immense benefits of online grocery shopping delivery to retail shops as well as to the end-user public. It is a mountain of benefits truly. For brevity, we have picked out the top seven benefits that every retailer and the general user must know.

There are many readymade grocery apps that you can buy and adapt it to your requirements if you are just a beginner with a small budget. However, as you start to grow and want to add more to the features stack, not even customization will help you much; the solution will be to go for an exclusive app that makes using easy and intuitive.

Taking Advantage of Online Grocery Shopping App

Save Time (Shoppers’ advantage)

The purpose of online grocery shopping delivery apps is to put the power of remote shopping into the hands of shoppers; we mean literally. While it may be a pleasure to walk around in a shopping mall or a departmental store and fill the cart with the choicest grocery for the month, the fact is that not everyone has the luxury of unlimited time to do it. The advantage: saving precious time.

Shop from Home (Shoppers’ advantage)

Though originally conceptualized as a convenience and shop-from-anywhere advantage, it is nowadays thought of as a safe shopping option – no jostling, standing in Q, or even carrying your purchases around – remember that home delivery is an integral part of offering grocery-app-driven retail business. The advantage: helps shoppers to get farm-fresh delivery service that is vital in times of pandemic.

Lean Inventory Management (Retailers’ advantage): 

In a physical store everything has to be held on the shelf; remember shelf space is expensive and in big cities, space sells at the extra premium price tag. In a virtual store that offers online grocery shopping delivery, you don’t need physical space; it is all in the form of images and the actual stock is stored at non-premium locations. Your customers will never know and they don’t have to because when they shop they aren’t really bothered about from where the stock comes, but more about how fast they receive their orders. The advantage: reduced inventory and less interest to pay on banking charges and rent.

Tracking Consumer Behavior (Retailers’ advantage): 

The most overpowering mysteries that retailers face today is getting the right tip on what shoppers want, what makes them buy, seasonal buying habits, regional variations in terms of product packaging, changing trends in products bought, reasons for rejection or non-acceptance of some products and so many other factors that will help retail shop owners on why online grocery shopping is better for them (shoppers). As a grocery store owner with an app, you can plan the strategy to adopt for your physical store too. The advantage: reduction in unsold stock and focusing on products that give higher profit margins.

Give More Options to Customers (Retailers’ plus Shoppers advantage): 

As markets grow more complex and product ranges multiply, the competition for shelf space gets keener with manufacturers asking retailers for more space in physical stores. In app-driven marketing, shelf space is never a criterion; it is almost unlimited – retailers simply add more images and add better product descriptions that will stimulate buyers to act positively towards products that are highly attractive. In physical stores running behind customers is neigh impossible. Customers benefit because they are not under pressure to decide at the spur of a moment. The advantage: more products for customers to compare and more space for retailers to display without straining on shop space.

Create a Loyalty Program and Offer Deals (Retailers’ plus Shoppers advantage):

One of the most difficult parts of doing grocery business is retaining the shopping folks’ loyalty. With thousands of stores springing up and offering customers unbelievable deals, customers given vegetable home delivery, for example, can make them loyal. Opening a loyalty program in a physical store is not always a great option because the shopping floor space is quick to get crowded making it impossible for the regular shoppers to move around and explore. It is altogether a different ballgame in the app space; it has no limitations. The advantage: retailer benefits because they don’t have to waste money on physical space, and customers don’t have to move around in unsafe space (remember the pandemic).

Payment Option Advantage (Retailers’ plus Shoppers advantage): 

In a physical store, retailers can, at best, offer the convenience of a credit/debit card option – compare this to an app-driven business where retailers can offer multiple options: including card payments, RFID card, scan and pay, and of course not to forget the EMI options that customers will want.


Grocery apps have come to stay and will remain for a long, long time. Stores that take a lead in app-driven business can expect higher sales and bigger profits too. Developing an app is not rocket science anymore. In fact, you can easily learn How to make an app in 10 easy steps in this article that explains the step by step process of building an app. 

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