An Indian Citizen Shares his Pain During COVID Lockdown

Authored by chintan on May 4, 2020


“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.” – Unknown


I hope you are listening.

I am a citizen of the world’s largest democracy and the entire nation’s been locked down to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic and this is what I mean when I say ‘life isn’t easy for most of us right now’


“Coronavirus: Is social distancing an oxymoron in India?”


The only time allotted for us to go out and get our necessary groceries or medicines is from 9 AM till 12 PM i.e. a window of 3 to 4 hours. Due to imposed social distancing, only 6 people are allowed to gather around local shops. This means that the rest have to keep waiting outside under the scorching sun. 


The other alternative i.e marts and grocery chains would remain crowded since a lot of people come to buy their daily groceries. We are all given tokens that are basically cheap cardboard cutouts with numbers written on them. Six to ten people are let in and by the time a shopper looks for the necessary items, at least 20 to 30 minutes get wasted on a regular basis. Even when they do, they mostly overbuy items in order to hoard them at houses. This deprives a lot of people getting their essential items. Even the ones who get to shop come out disappointed mostly due to the lack of necessary items in the shop.


There are at least 10 people coming out of every single shop empty-handed after having waited in line for items they’d expected they would get. Shoppers have to be satisfied with whatever’s available to them. 


The government keeps requesting people to maintain social distance at malls, grocery stores, and other shops but people with their panic-stricken minds barely adhere to these rules and rush in to get their necessary items, putting each other in danger of contracting the virus. I have personally witnessed numerous incidents like these. 


In such circumstances, shopkeepers can’t be blamed and neither can the people. It’s a choice between the disease and hunger for a lot of people. 


Imposed restrictions on transportation have created an absence or lack of brands and quality items. On the other hand, the demand is at an all-time high due to families being at home all the time due to the lockdowns and imposed social-distancing. This has given rise to the production of local substandard items and their blatant sales to meet the demands.


On one hand, there’s this news that makes you think that it’s good for local businesses:

“With coronavirus pandemic, local brands now rule hand sanitizer market: Report”


On the other hand, there’s this as well:

“Covid-19: FDA cracks down on sale, manufacture of substandard sanitisers”


It is when I go through these circumstances and thoughts that I wish I had an app that would help me preorder the items that I want from nearby shops whereafter would only have to go there, show my booking ID and get my items without having to wait for hours only to be disappointed in the end.


Even BusinessToday shares the same thought as the new norm now,

“Appointment shopping, online selling to become new retail norms post coronavirus lockdown”


The above article is proof that this isn’t my pain alone. We are all in this together. I am sure that there are millions of people like me in my country as well as yours.


What I have observed and understood in all these years of ghost-writing for various companies and their products is that it is the story that sells and these stories sell not just because they are convincing enough but because they make the buyers feel fulfilled. Every human on earth has a certain set of values they look up to and when their values are rightly met along with a story that speaks about their problems or represents them, they become a buyer.


In times like these, most businesses are more focused on tweaking their current model in a way that people would start using them. This is where it all goes wrong. I would suggest you to start asking the right questions. I mean, begin by looking at our pains and deduce based on these answers what you can do to help us all. You have always known the business in and out. 


The only thing that has changed is your customers’ way of seeing and reacting to things. 


“The survey findings said proximity was the biggest driving factor for the shift to a new shop, followed by others who switched to online alternatives. A feeling of the regular store being unsafe or not infection free was the third cause of the change in behaviour.” says the article by The Economic Times.


They will always need all of these things and so will you. You do not even have to go to them to know these pains. You and your dear ones are also going through a lot of difficulties during the coronavirus times and look at how even the simplest of things that you barely valued (a haircut for example) has become such a craving need.


Think. Thoughts and ideas have the ability to change our lives and you do not have to do everything singlehandedly! The ideas that have reformed the world have mostly been through collaborative efforts.


We are the strongest when we stand united.


In case you need me to back my claims,

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