Archisys Picnic: Life Beyond Bugs, Tasks, and Coffee Machine.

Authored by Parth Parekh on January 28, 2020


We went on a company trip to Diu recently and as a content writer, I am to write a blog on it. It’s a part of my job and I have to do it. Since I am skilled enough to evoke emotions through words, they expect me to craft a piece that would send Shakespeare spiraling down the stairs that lead to nostalgia. Neither am I half as good as Shakespeare nor am I skilled enough to think as vividly as him. But how do I make them understand the pain a writer takes to pen down pieces that pierce through the hardest of hearts? Every time we write about something that is deeply rooted in us, there’s a part of us that’s left behind, lost in this transition.

I can’t undo the feeling that this trip has left in me. Each one of the 27 people who were there on this trip along with me will be a part of my memories as long as I am alive. These aren’t just colleagues anymore, they’re family. They will be loved along with their husbands, wives, brothers, friends, who accompanied us that day. We’re bound by stories now and as long as we share these days in our head and heart, we will keep sticking on to them for now and forever.


Deepak will have a bag full of little glowy toys stuffed inside for his daughter who would be waiting for her dad when he comes back from the trip he did with his friends.


Partho will always be there holding the love of his life in one hand and the apple of his eyes (who’s soon going to turn one) in another against the waves. So symbolic, right?


Chitral would be running around her toddler who’s a fearless adventurer when it comes to conquering unknown territories with her husband asking her to let him have a piece of this world. Kids, right? We all want to be them. A lot of us do!

Deepika will be clicking pictures of her to remind herself that the world is an oyster for those who dare to dream beyond. She’s been our caretaker ever since the existence of Archisys.


Juhi will be the happiest of us all since this is the first time she’s ever been out of her cuboidal home, realizing that the world is much bigger and more beautiful with eyes wide open that eyes shut.




Durgesh would be seen sitting by the fireside with a glass of whiskey, discussing life and the details of his experience of holding his dear dear daughter, Anindya, in his hand for the first time.



Bunty will always be this free-spirited soul who knows only to be there for others and with others, be it for the late-night parties or be it early sunrise. He’ll be there in every picture; the sunshine of our family.



Ankit will be painted in blue; the very same blue that holds the seas together. He’s a storm that knows only to hold everything together, closer, and if you be with him, you’ll know only to love.


Chintan, the leader of the pack will just be another kid who’s only intent is to do things that make him happy, be it driving a dirt-bike with his kid or be it making sure that no one’s left out when everyone’s busy having fun and his wife Aarohi sticking by his side like a rock. When I come to think about it, they’ve always been like that.


Umesh will be standing there alone in a world of his own with a glass of rum in his one hand and a glass of vodka in another, challenging life as it comes by.


Prashant will finally have solved the image of a mysterious figure with whom he’s always talked for hours, regularly on office breaks. She’s his wife now and they look absolutely cute together.

Prakash, one of the proudest fathers I’ve ever come across would have regretful eyes giving away his smile. After all, he could not bring his daughter along for a beautiful day like this. 


Bikash and Alpesh will be silently strolling near the horizon, behind our backs talking about who knows what! They have always stayed mysterious. But when it comes to playing together, they’d always be leading the game or trying to save the ball from the playful waves asking for participation in our games.

Bhavesh and Fenil would have hammocks of their own on either side of the picture, trying to chill to the tunes of the sea trying to gently pat the shore for holding on for so long. 

And I, the photographer with a pen in his hand and a penchant for these quirky oddities of life that each of these instances brings to me. I am thankful to have a family like this. After all, when the time will corner me, pin me down to ask me what I did with life when I had it in my hand I’ll look back at it one more time to tell it I gave it all away to everyone I’ve called my own.

Cheers to Diu 2020 and many more adventures to come! 

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


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