What is Artis?

Artis is neither a software nor a platform. It’s a set of different abilities that can be combined to form a solution for your eCommerce or mobile commerce business based on your business needs.

Every component that is mentioned below can be used to form a single or set of applications that can be used to run and automate your entire business.

Manage your complete business digitally through web and mobile devices

Store management (Online and offline)

Artis provides you with the ability to manage your online and offline store by letting you create and control the stores and their respective data within one system.

Organization management (single and multiple)

If you intend to run a chain on shops or organizations located in multiple cities, Artis can help you manage all of them simultaneously through a single application.

Vendor management (single and multiple)

You can add multiple vendors into the system that you intend to build and let them control their stock, payments, and inventory on their own while keeping track of them all.

Stock management

Add and manage your stock inventory by keeping a tab on the sales and demand of your product through AL that lets you know before they go out of stock.

Catalog management

Organize and personalize your product catalogs in a static or dynamic way by changing the price and offerings according to the location or the intended audience.

Content Management

Help your content and marketing team easily manage digital media and rich product information pages so that your customers can get the information they need to make a purchase.

Tax management

With Artis’ tax engine, you can add or calculate taxes automatically for every individual product based on the kind of tax system you intend to have. (GST and multi-currency supported).

Order management

From placing orders to managing, confirming, dispatching, and delivering them, you do not have to manage a thing because this engine can automate everything for you!

Promotions management

Create and manage promo codes, discount coupons, sale discounts, and more for a better user retention rate and increased sales while monitoring what worked and what didn’t.

Workflow management

Connect all your business processes and streamline them accordingly to automate your entire business infrastructure to save time and the workforce from unnecessary tasks.

SEO management

Making your products discoverable for potential customers looking for products online is crucial now and with Artis, you can create SEO and search tags to get discovered fast.

Customer management

Advanced search that helps customers find the right products, chatbots that can solve all kinds of customer problems, and the ability for the admin to manage all their information.

Payment management

Wallets and secure third-party payment integrations for customers, vendors, and store owners to add, pay, or redeem as per their convenience and the ability to manage them all accordingly.

Shipping and Delivery management

From basic realtime tracking of the orders to tracking complex shipments such as the ones arriving from other countries, Artis is equipped to handle as per your need.

Fleet management

Adding, assigning, and managing the fleet of delivery men for eCommerce business including grocery delivery, food delivery, service personnel, etc.

Supply chain management

From notifying you about the decrease in stock in any of your chains or shops to sending requirement quotations to your vendors, everything can be automated.

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