A Complete B2B eCommerce Solution

Archisys presents to you – The Artis i.e. a smartly curated and created toolset that contains everything your B2B eCommerce business would need. Define your business model and idea to us and we will get your digital platform ready quickly.

A Complete B2B eCommerce Solution
What is Artis?

What is Artis?

Artis is neither a software nor a platform. It’s a set of different abilities that can be combined to form a solution for your B2B eCommerce or B2B mobile commerce business based on your business model and needs.

Every component of Artis can be used to form a single or set of applications that can be used to run and automate your entire business and comes with the ability to integrate with all your existing processes as well as upgrade itself whenever necessary.

Manage your complete business digitally

Payment management

Wallets and secure third-party payment integrations for customers, vendors, and store owners to add, pay, or redeem as per their convenience.

Promotions management

Create and manage promo codes, discounts, and more for user retention and increased sales while monitoring what worked and what didn’t.

Customer management

Advanced search for customers to find the right products, AI chatbots to solve all problems, and the ability for admin to manage their information.

Supply chain management

From notifying you about the decrease in stock to sending requirement quotations to your vendors, everything is automated.

Shipping and delivery management

From real-time tracking of the orders to tracking shipments arriving from other countries, manage complete shipping and delivery.

Order management

From placing orders to managing, confirming, dispatching, and delivering them this engine can automate everything for you!

Content management

Help your content and marketing teams manage media and rich product information pages for customers to make a purchase.

Catalog management

Organize and personalize your product catalogs by changing the price and offers based on the location or the intended audience.

Stock management

Add and manage your stock inventory by keeping a tab on your product through AL that lets you know your stock beforehand.

Vendor management (single and multiple)

Add multiple vendors into the system and let them control their stock, payments, inventory, and keep a track of them all.

Why Artis?

Customizable Reports and Analytics
Since you are building an application/platform based on your business needs, the reports and analytics would be customized to complement your requirements.

Faster Performance
Unlike a readymade solution, it does not include anything that falls outside your scope of business and is fine-tuned to do the job it’s meant to do.

Easily Integrable
The application/platform you would get is in itself the result of carefully engineered integration of different automotive capabilities and hence can be integrated with any third-party software.

Highly Secure
The final application goes through a series of security tests including Penetration testing in order to ensure that all your data and payment information remain ready for all kind of attacks.

Why Artis?

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