How We Helped Biotech Build a B2B Online Pharmacy App in 180 Days

How We Helped Biotech Build a B2B Online Pharmacy App in 180 Days


Biotech, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, got in touch with Archysis to source help for their new online pharmacy mobile app.

The company wished to make a B2B mobile app that allows corporate medical distributors, pharmacy stores, and hospitals to place their orders without assistance from sales representatives.

Moreover, the company wanted the app to function in 5 countries and provide multi-lingual support. 

Technology and Project Attributes:


Retailers, Branch users, Administrator, Partners, Marketing users


6 Months


iOS & Android App


B2B Online Pharmacy


Artis Platform, Flutter, .Net Core

Engagement Model

Fixed Price Model



  • The company wanted the app to feature a comprehensible design that complies with the standard pharmacy domain theme.
  • The client hinted at a specific focus on the multi-lingual and multi-currency support of the app so the app can operate seamlessly in 5 countries. And the translated versions required some additional design adjustments.
  • The app was to be designed as a headless commerce app, as two individual apps, one for the front-end users (Retailers) and the other for the back-end users (Branch Users, Administrator, Partners, Marketing Users).
  • The application’s back-end required a different set of functionalities for the 4 kinds of users ((Branch Users, Administrator, Partners, Marketing Users).
  • The app was to be developed to support complete order processing and shipment tracking.
  • The developers had to create a multi-feature admin panel from where the administrator could manage the entire app without any assistance.


Custom Design Theme

Custom Design Theme

  • The app designers created two separate design themes for the front-end and back-end of the app.
  • The front-end was designed following the standard pharmacy domain colour theme and exuded a feature-rich e-commerce look. On the other end, the back-end had a more crisp and functionality-focused design.

Impressive UX with Feature-rich B2B Ecommerce

  • Using the Artis B2B e-commerce tool, the developers integrated the front-end with all the major e-commerce features. It made the purchase experience impressive for the retailers, corporate distributors, or hospital-based buyers.
  • The app features automated translation based on the user’s location. Along with language translation, the developers also implemented currency localization.

Impressive UX with Feature-rich B2B Ecommerce
4 Types of Back-end Users

4 Types of Back-end Users

The back-end was integrated with multi-level access for the 4 types of users.

  • The Branch Users could enrol buyers easily and manage the different back-end activities that are relevant to their branch on the app.
  • The Marketing Users can manage the app content, app notifications, and deals & reward programs on the app.
  • Partners had individual access to manage the inventory on the app.
  • The Admin could manage all the aspects of the app through a comprehensive list of tabs and features. He can also check and approve the KYC forms from the buyers and manage the payment status through the back-end.

Order Tracking and Robust Security

  • The Artis tool allowed easy integration of delivery tracking and order processing cycle.
  • The developers also integrated popular & secure payment gateways and robust security parameters.

Order Tracking and Robust Security

B2B Online Pharamacy App Solution

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