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Auditing Expenses with Policies shouldn’t be a big problem for Auditors now!

5 extra checks for a Senior Management and Auditors become cumbersome and time-consuming when it comes to doing all manual. ..

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Xpensys: Capitalising your business travel expense today

One of the most important aspect of expenses for a company is the business travel . While employees travel they ..

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Field Service : Custom Apps & Why One-Size-Doesn’t- Fit- All

The steadfast march of organizations worldwide has been in one direction, a direction that has been adorned with trails of ..

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Reason’s Why Enterprise Mobility Fails

About one in every two enterprise mobility apps become useless within two years of launch, leading one to suspect something ..

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How mobile apps have changed our expectations at home and at work

The increasing amount of time we spend using apps and playing games on tablets and phone is transforming our digital ..

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