Asset History In Field Service Management Software

Author by Chintan Parikh

field service management software

In 2019, with so many companies migrating towards enterprise mobility and smarter services, Field Service Management Software is not a huge deal-breaker anymore. There are hundreds and thousands of FSM software out there that can help maintenance and repair companies in creating jobs and assigning them to their respective technicians/engineers.

These are basic functions that every FSM software needs to have. But…

…one of the most underrated, ignored and yet highly useful feature is the ‘Asset History’.

Let’s begin with a simple question; what is ‘asset’?

An asset is “an object (anything) of value that an entity owns, benefits from, or has use of, in generating income”. In general, it can be anything from a piece of land to a ballpoint pen that one has. But in terms of FSM industry, it is a client’s property that needs to be taken care of or repaired. An asset is what keeps the whole FSM industry running.

What would be an ‘asset history’ then?

Asset history basically is a record/report of all the jobs done or problems that have been reported or fixed in an asset.

Why or how is ‘Asset History’ important?

Any thriving Field Service company would have technicians on the move, trying to complete jobs all the time and different technicians would be assigned to fix an asset. For a technician to fix an asset they need to find out what the problem is and for that, they need to know previous reports, tweaks or work done on that particular asset. Availability of this information along with relevant images uploaded by previous technicians will help them troubleshoot quickly. This not only saves time but also rapidly decreases the number of incomplete jobs or jobs on hold.

Ease of Access

Having ‘Asset History’ is going to be as pointless as not having it IF it’s not easily accessible to the technicians. This is being said because a lot of apps do not care about the accessibility of such features and take them for granted. ‘Asset History’ should be visible to technicians within an ongoing job.

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