Predictive Analytics and AI will change the course of Stock Market

What is Predictive Analytics? What does it have to do with the Stock Market and Stock Trading? The introduction of ..

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Reasons Why Enterprise Mobility Fails

About one in every two enterprise mobility apps become useless within two years of launch, leading one to suspect something ..

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How mobile apps have changed our expectations at home and at work

How Mobile Apps Have Changed Our Expectations At Home And At Work

The increasing amount of time we spend using apps and playing games on tablets and phone is transforming our digital ..

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The Fifa World Cup ‘effect’ can heighten risks of expense fraud

Researchers have found that the novelty of global events can often prove the perfect opportunity to commit expense fraud. It’s ..

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The What, Why and How of Mobile App Marketing

Running a Business without marketing will kill it – Pa As of march 2017, it is reported that there are ..

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