5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Maintenance Software

Author by Chintan Parikh

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Are you finding it hard to track work orders and maintenance contracts? Although the task can be daunting, it is something that must be done and done accurately. Missing an appointment will make a huge difference when it comes to customer satisfaction and dissatisfactions. That’s why having a maintenance software is your best option.

Here are things to consider for when choosing maintenance software.

Understand and prepare your specifications

It all starts with the specifications. To prepare your specifications, start with identifying your services, formalize your requirement, specify your project constraints which include even your budget. Your maintenance software should cater for these requirements at every angle.

The software should be perfect for your field service team

Maintenance software is meant for dispatchers, operations managers, file technicians, and other field service team are the ones using the software. These people are also the best or deciding the software your company needs. Ask several of them what to use, they understand the services and software.

Compare solutions

After you understand the specifications, start your search. Make sure you compare the available options and choose the one that fits your requirements. One that can be easily adapted.

Decide the on-premises or Saas-based solution

These two have their benefits, for instance, a SaaS-based software manages all your IT infrastructure including software deployment, data archiving, security, updates and other infrastructures that help you focus on your business core capabilities.

Take note of the essential features

Depending on what you are looking for, some features might be less important than others. Choose maintenance software that is flexible to your circumstances, and easy to adapt. Your software should be able to match the order to the right technician and help you reconcile customer requirement. When it comes to features, here are must-have field service software features:

  • Arrive and dispatch on time: the management software should schedule and dispatch work order and contracts on time since this is the central hub of all your operations.
  • Improve the way the customer communicates with contact managers: these features allow for core capabilities the same as CRM. The feature is used to make communication possible.
  • Stay organized: A maintenance software should help you stay organized with your day-to-day work. This include when a dispatcher dispatches a technician and also when dealing with emergency jobs.


The maintenance software allows you to automate your entire order and contracts process balance your workload, improve your productivity and eventually improve your quality of service leading to customer satisfaction

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