Advantages of Field Service Management app

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Field Service Management apps

What exactly can a Field Service Management app do for your business?

Plenty actually: but just to give you the general idea, here are few instant benefits someone can’t miss.

1.In Field Benefits (Field Service Agents)

Nobody Calls in at the Office anymore. With an app on their Smartphone, a mobile service agent is no longer tied to their office to pick up the day’s work instructions. Now technicians can simply log into the company’s mobile application, view their schedule and head off to their first customer. By eliminating the need for the daily check-in at the office, the Field Service Management Software can make technicians more productive from the moment they jump into their vans at the start of a shift.

2. Customers would Serve Themselves

With an app for everything, it was inevitable that customers of service providers would soon demand more direct ways to seek assistance with their products. As a result, providers are increasingly offering direct interaction for their customers by way of apps. These apps allow customers to initiate service orders without making a single call. Apps can also allow customers to access technical information and tips for troubleshooting their products

3.The Field Technician: A One Man Team

With Field Service Management apps supporting collaboration, the job of a mobile technician can be less of a solo effort. When faced with a difficult job or one that has not been encountered before, a field agent can call up real-time help from one or more colleagues. This can be a huge advantage for new technicians or those working in an industry where new problems are often encountered. Enabling real-time collaboration is also a great way to improve the first-time-fix rate.

4.Common operational issues solved (Management)

Get Your Warranty Information in Order:

Have you ever lost out on service revenue because of confusion over which jobs should be done under warranty and which shouldn’t? For companies that still struggle along with spreadsheets and disparate IT solutions, this is an all-too-common scenario. A mobile application can ensure that the fieldworker does not give service or parts that are not in warranty by simply checking on a mobile app connected to your office network.

Keep Your Technicians in the Loop:

Managing a mobile workforce can be tricky, especially if your only mode of contact is via cell phone. Even if you have an information system in place, without integrated enterprise mobility, your technicians are still pretty isolated when working in the field. By improving your technical support with a mobile application, your technicians can become continuously connected to their base. This gives field agents the ability to receive and manage work schedules electronically and even to collaborate with one another in real-time—a huge advantage when completing the complex repair, maintenance, or installation tasks.

Mobile CRM:

Your field service technicians are actually the epitome of customer service. They are customer-facing; perform their work on customer’s home or business premises and the outcome of their billable time directly impacts the customer experience. More than any sales agent, therefore, these mobile employees need all the help they can get to diagnose problems and make informed decisions while on the go.

Customers don’t pay for the presence of a sales rep or for the privilege of speaking with a customer service agent on the phone. However, unless your technician is performing warranty work, the customer is paying directly for the callout and service or repair that the technician performs. When access to information is not readily available, opportunities to deliver service that beats the competition are lost.
Mobile CRM puts vital information into the hands of field agents – Information such as:

  1. Previous service calls and conversations with the call center
  2. Prior issues with the item or equipment being attended to by the technician
  3. Warranty and parts information
  4. Special instructions relating to the customer’s needs

All of this information can save downtime for the customer, unproductive time in the technician’s schedule and precious minutes in the day of back-office staff, who would otherwise need to answer technicians’ queries over the phone.

Purchasing a CRM platform without a mobile application imposes limitations that can challenge expected returns on investment. Therefore, if CRM is on your list of IT investments this year, be sure to choose a platform with full mobile capability. Your technicians and your customers will thank you for it. Although the application has spawned a requirement to consider data security and mobility management more carefully than before, it has generally proved to be a step in the right direction for field service enterprises. Device management and data protection are improving daily with Enterprise Mobility Platforms growing mature. Even IT managers who need to enforce governance over a diversity of devices should not be too concerned. After all, there are companies like us for that 🙂

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