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Managing A Field Service Business Is Not Rocket Science Anymore

In a field service business, the busy season is critical. Having a lot of work is great, but it can also lead to a lot of stress about tight deadlines & critical decisions. The problem is that time management happens to be one of the most difficult things about running a small or big business. It’s a typical mindset that to manage your field service business, you need an expert panel, a team of IT geeks who will work on software and many more, but you ever thought the Power of business handling is in your hand? Yes, you heard it right!


The last thing that you want to do is disappoint clients or turn away new ones.   


                  Welcome To FieldX


A Field service management & planning application that specially developed after detailed market research and requirements. Imagine you just need to follow simple 3 steps to allocate any jobs:

  1. Enter client name, number and select job location from the live map
  2. Select job type, hours, description
  3. Allocate job via available engineer & nearby engineer or allow the system to allocate intelligently

Fixsys allows you to access business from the office, on-site, from home or anywhere around the world. Fixsys comes with the Web version, Mobile Apps, Ipad Apps. Any company can easily add their managers who can create, manage & keep track jobs from anywhere with Fixsys Manager App on their IOS & Android mobile devices.

Once manager allocates jobs to the engineer, engineer received allocated jobs on their IOS & Android mobile devices, after engineer accept the job by reviewing job details and job description engineer start working on the job and complete it as per request, meanwhile manager can keep tracking engineers status & jobs.  In the Office company can view all the statistical data of working capacity, Job Completion Today, Contract Jobs Due, overdue jobs and more details.

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