Primary Problems that Field Service Management Software Needs to Address

Author by Chintan Parikh

Field Service Management Software

The field Service industry has almost always relied on sheer manpower to work and there’s no doubt about it. So, ‘how can software contribute in its betterment?’ seems like a fair question.

Mobility is an important part of this company wherein almost 2/3rd of its workforce is constantly on the move.

The issue isn’t mobility but communication.
In a line of work where most of the client interaction happens with the back-office or support representatives, details are either missed or misheard. This delays jobs, decreases job success-rate and eventually customer satisfaction too.

A good FSM software makes sure that all the details that are required for a technician to do their job are available to them.

Primary Problems that a Field Service Management Software needs to address:

‘What’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of a Job

These are the three questions to which a technician needs to have a definite answer to. First of which is ‘what is the issue that needs to be resolved?’.The second being the location of the job and third, being the time by which it needs to be addressed. The 2nd and 3rd helps a technician to prioritize their work for the day.


‘Job Allocation’

Allocating jobs isn’t an easy task. Each and every technician that works for you is unique in their own way. Some might have their own specializations too. Observing each of them and assigning them jobs accordingly might seem easy but on a daily basis, it becomes hectic. This is where an FSM software plays a crucial role. A good FSM software can not only maintain jobs but also auto-assign them to the right technician simply by analyzing their working pattern and efficiency.


‘Route and Time Management’

Technicians need to address multiple issues/jobs every day and if their routes aren’t optimized, they’d end up wasting time and you’d end up wasting both time and money. FSM software can not only optimize every technician’s route but also give estimates of their arrival and the average time taken to finish a job to the client. Your clients get updated about everything and so do you!


‘Job and Asset History’

Now, this is one of those important things that a lot of FSM software miss out on. Every asset in its long run is going to develop problems sooner or later. There can be many factors causing the problem of which certain issues can even be recurring in nature. To understand this a technician needs to have the history of the asset they are tending to. This helps them understand hidden issues (if any) within assets and if not then it lets them solve the problem even faster.


‘Logistics and Statistics’ through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This is as much about business management as it is about FS management. To know whether the current system of work is harvesting the desired capital and client satisfaction as expected or if it needs to be changed is/has to be decided on the basis of important KPIs. A good FSM software knows what data is important for the administrator or Owner of the company. Best FSM software has flexible systems wherein you can decide the KPIs you need and the ones that you don’t.

Finding a good FSM software isn’t easy, especially with so many suggestions and advertisements. Also, it’s impractical to try each and every one of them.

So, we would suggest you to try out our own Field Service Management Software to solve your pains today!


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