How to Develop an E-commerce App that can be loved by Thousands?

Author by Chintan Parikh

How to Develop an E-commerce App that can be loved by Thousands?

To say mobile E-commerce is booming, would surely be an understatement

In 2015,  according to Internet Retailer, 30% of all US  E-commerce sales were through mobile E-commerce. Besides this, if we take about the World  Critero’s State of Mobile Report that in 2015 mobile accounted for 34%  of all E-commerce sale, globally.

Besides this, according to Compuware’s study 85% users prefer having a go at mobile than a mobile responsive website, thus you have got all the motivation to develop an E-commerce app for your brand and change the way you work and live.

At this point, you might be wondering…………………………

If developing an E-commerce app for my business is so attractive,  then many other brand would have already opted for it, wouldn’t it be too late now?

No, it’s not too late

Believe it or not, despite so many benefits of M-commerce app according to a study only 10% of retailers actually get the app going for their company.

Shocked! but it’s true that despite generating 34% of E-commerce sales by E-commerce apps company still hesitate or do not want to change the way they work.

It’s no longer a matter of “if” when it comes to investing in your own e-commerce app’s development; it’s about “what”

  1. What should my app look like?

  2. What mobile platform should I target?

  3. What features are necessary for a successful E-commerce app?

To get started Archisys have made a list of features your E-commerce app should have:

1. Secure Payment Gateway:

As a customer before purchasing any order on the internet, we always have this question in mind that “Will this app protect my financial information?

With the rise in cyber-crime, users have become very careful and have started asking all the questions when it comes to submitting their financial details into any sort of internet purchase.

A payment gateway is an interface which connects your customer directly with the payment system. Thus it is a very important aspect while developing an E-commerce application.

2. Product Image Quality:

High-resolution image products are must to avoid damaging your users’ experience and that would only be possible if your app has the feature to support high-quality images. Considering the images is all they would see in the product on your E-commerce website before making the payment.

Thus it is very important for your E-commerce app to have zoom features so that they can have a closer look at the products.

Useful Tip: Make sure you invest in your own original, quality pictures instead of using the same images that other retailers use.

3. Product Review:

According to a survey of 2014, 55% of online shoppers said products review played an important role in their decision of buying the product online. Majority of the shoppers wanted to know what reviews were there on each product so that it would at least give them the idea to opt for it or not. Naturally, if the customers did read a positive response about the certain product it was more likely that they would buy the product.

This why creating a feature that would have a product review is a must for an E-commerce application as it would help the customers make purchase decision quickly.

User Tip: E-commerce thrives on vivid product descriptions, which let users visualize the “feel” of the product. Hire professional writers to create product descriptions that emphasize the qualities of the product and let a user “imagine” the different ways a product can be useful to them.

4. Push Notifications

Online shoppers stated that more often than not they learned the latest shopping trends and news from social media sites. At 53%, Facebook remains the leading social media channel that educates users about shopping trends.

Don’t let Facebook, or any other social media channel, steal your thunder. Be the go-to source for information about shopping discount deals, trends, and news, for your users.

Integrate an interactive Push Notification system that lets you send interesting and light-hearted “updates” to your users every day.

Highlighting the important role properly leveraging push notifications can play for your marketplace app, Kyle Van Dyn Hoven of Creation Burst Studios is quoted saying,

“Some of the most successful ecommerce appsI’ve seen do a great job at engaging with their users through push notifications. Since push notifications encourage immediate action, time-sensitive content like new product launches or exclusive promotions do extremely well. Pair this up with some analytics and you’ll be increasing your sales in no time.”

5.Product Search with QR Codes

QR Codes are essential and a common phenomenon. Users often use them to get information about a product.

You can now add your own twist to take advantage of this tech. Creat feature that allows a user to scan the QR/bar code of products they like, and draw results, from your brand, closest to the scanned products.

Parting Thoughts

For ecommerce app development to be successful, the consumer must be on your mind.

You need to know what your users are looking for in a marketplace app. The only way you can know about it is by getting in touch with us now. Yes ! you heard it right book a 2-hour free consultation with our team and let them take care of all your problems

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