Knowing the Company: Developers, Disruption, and Value through Services.

Author by Partho Parekh

know the company

We are a services company that provides resources i.e. developers on hiring-basis to startups. But when I state it so plainly, I drive the actual essence out of it to make it sound like another outsourcing company that provides any Tom, Dick, and Harry, the developers they need to create something for them. Well, that is not the case. First of all, our audience is specific. They are our clients and no one else. The rest of the world might not even care. 


So, who are these people? Startups. Does it mean all start-ups? NO. No matter what, the driving force for our company will always be DISRUPTION. We will always vouch for disruption and that’s the only thing that we prioritize over anything else. You might ask, “what is a disruption in this case?”. Any effort put in changing the already established rules that would result in the betterment of people and the services they use is in itself ‘disruption’ for us. This doesn’t mean that we disrupt. We technologically help companies that intend to disrupt.


Let me explain this in a better way. The very reason why this blog needs to be written is that there’s a bigger purpose behind this. A lot of startups have genuine ideas that can help them change the world on a large scale/way. The only problem is that they are so fixated on the technical aspect of their idea i.e. the app and the website that their first step turns out to be setting up an in-house development team. They seldom realize that the application or the website only acts as a carrier of their service and is not their service. For eg: Uber is a multibillion-dollar company that made its money via an app. But this doesn’t mean that the app is their business. Their business is still a pickup and drop-off service. It’s just done nicely with the help of an app. We as riders like the services provided by the company rather than the application provided. The app compliments by helping them provide us with better services that indirectly adds to their benefit.


We want startups to realize this! That they only need to think about their business idea and work on chiseling the idea to the extent that it helps the people that they intend to help. We can really take care of the technical aspect of their app, from its ideation, MVP creation, and testing, to the actual productization. 


This is where the Subscription model comes into the picture. We do not want our clients to just hire our resources. We aren’t recruitment agencies. We are resources managed and trained by resources. By hiring our resources, they are only using a limited part of their potential. They are utilizing most of your energy in managing us and making sure the work is being done when they could be doing much more. But when they subscribe to us, they’re subscribing to an array of services that we specialize in. We aren’t just developers here. We’re project managers, designers, developers, design thinkers, agile practitioners, and more. As long as they are subscribed to us, these skills are all theirs and we can work together with our years of experience in the field of Marketplace and Fintech at their disposal till the time they want.

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