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What does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

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What does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App

For all the right reasons an idea-driven app entrepreneur will always be concerned about the cost of developing a mobile app. We develop iOS and Android applications for startups and established companies all over the world and can say that every product owner no matter if he/she is from the UK, USA, Australia, any part of Europe or India, is in search of a company that can deliver quality work at a relatively low price.


Doesn’t sound like anything new, right?


However, you might wonder how all those companies saying “Hire us, we are the one of the best in the world for mobile apps”, differ from one another and which one should you choose. We are NOT AT ALL saying that if you are sure that your app will get you your money back then you should vouch for an expensive company. High price equals good quality equation is a myth, especially in this industry. Before I say anything further, let’s take a look at the average hourly cost of developing a mobile app of first world countries that claim to be superior in this field:


1. USA / Australia-based programmers charge somewhere between $50-$150 an hour

2. Western Europe Euro demanding guys can be hired for €60-€70 on average (the UK charges £60-£70 in GBP)

3. In Eastern Europe, the cost of developing a mobile app should between the range of $25-$50


Meanwhile, an experienced Indian developer would charge around $20 to $40 per hour which in comparison to the above countries is attractive enough to lay your eyes on.


This wouldn’t necessarily mean that the difference is marginal. With the number of processes involved, you’d be saving thousands of dollars at the end of it all. But before I breakdown the entire process in terms of cost calculation, let me cover up this topic that might be going on at the back of your head. After all, I don’t want you to have any doubts at the end of this.


Local vs Outsourced


It makes sense to develop an app locally. That’s how you leverage the thing yourself reducing communication problems to a minimum. After all, face to face communication and a chance to literally be there with them while they work is something to fall for. But only when you don’t care about the total cost of developing a mobile app, the ‘cost-efficient’ is not in your vocabulary and you are okay with the spend.


On the other side of the coin is mobile app development outsourcing. Even though it sounds like it is more difficult to communicate with the team across the ocean, it’s not a rule. Remote team with experience and high professional developers in-house costing comparatively less can perform much better than a local company.


It is not that hard to find an outsourcing company you can trust. All we can say is that if a remote company manages the communication difficulties (which is not a Himalayan task in this era of advanced communication) and has the right skills and experience; a project development with them is all worth it. Now, let’s get to what you pay for if collaborate with our company located in India.

How much does it cost to make an iPhone/Android app according to its complexity?

Here you go with a very approximate overview of the overall cost of developing a mobile app. Since price depends on the time needed to get the job done. we can roughly classify the app into 3 types:


A) Simple app with basic functionality — 300+ hours.

Example: RSS feed, apps displaying data in the table view, limited functionality apps, informative and small admin to control it


B) Middle complexity app — 400-600+ hours.

Example: booking events app, Dashboard to manage content etc

Complex app — 600++ hours.

Example: e com app, consumer app, high performance, stock trading, PM CRM tools etc.


Do not expect an app development company to tell you the price of your product out of the blue. There is no such thing as a price list that can help you calculate the cost of developing an app. I mean there is, but it all depends on the kind of app that you wish to develop. If it’s a clone app, then you can definitely get a quote since the developers simply need to modify the existing code. But if it’s a custom app or a personalized one, the price may vary accordingly.


The best way to figure out how much your app costs in a “ballpark” estimate is to have a chat with one of our consultants. If you wish to have a no-obligation estimate done contact us. When your approval of the rough estimate is received we proceed with a detailed estimate where we identify the requirements for each scope of the work planned, put in prototypes and show you what exactly your iOS or Android app would look like .


We provide full-cycle mobile app development. This means the question:“How much does it cost to build an iPhone app?”or“How much does it cost to build an Android app?”can be boiled down to this simple equation:


Full-cycle mobile app development means long-term collaboration.

To launch an app is not the mission. It is simply the beginning. ROI doesn’t come that easy and fast. You will have to always enhance and improve your product to achieve the result that would satisfy you.


This is why we facilitate remote collaboration for full-cycle mobile app development and care about the quality of our development services just like you care about the ROI. A part of our work is also to make sure that you always know who you are working with and are in direct touch with them at all times.


We are definitely into disruption but there’s a method in the way we do it and we respect ours as much as we respect yours.