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Myths Vs Facts: Enterprise Mobility


Despite knowing the pros of Mobilizing the workforce, many organization still hesitate to take the first step of developing an application.  There are many reasons why organization have an ad-hoc approach. First of all, organization find “Mobility” as just a problem solver, which is not true as there are numerous core benefits of deploying a mobile application. Secondly, the main reason behind organization not going mobile is due to the “Myths of Enterprise Mobility”


Enterprise mobility is a growing priority for every global CIO, and is expected to be worth over USD 266 Billion by 2019

The research also highlights the current myths that are stopping the Enterprise to develop their app. These myths are as follows:

Myth #1: “Enterprise mobility is a security nightmare.”

Organization believe empowering the workforce through mobilization is not secured as it disrupts the overall flow of the information designed and also increases chances of their data getting theft. Furthermore, it is believed that it would be next to impossible for them to stop unauthorized access once employees have power in their hands through devices.

Over 5.3 billion people or 77% of the world’s population are now on mobile. 



Enterprise mobility solution is a vast industry and as there are two sides of each coin, thus, there is both positive and negative side of enterprise mobility as well. So at last, it’s all about choosing the right enterprise mobility solution for your problems. We, at archisys focus on Analytics, Mobile Device Management, Encryption, Authentication and Strict Policies to implement a mobile strategy in a risk-free way. Thus, if you’re  really worried about security issues, rest easy!we are here to take you through your mobility journey safely.


Myth #2: “My Business is running good, why do I need such solutions?”

Many organization think that empowering workforce is not that necessary, as  they believe changing the way they work and operate is not what customers want  nor BYOD culture would motivate their employees to become more productive. Altogether, according to business leaders is not their cup of tea.


Fact is, Mobile is at the “Heart” of everything business do. Almost one third of employees now use devices to access the data. Beside that, in this fast growing world of technology, almost every customer use and love to use smartphones in their day to life. So rather then ignoring the facts, businesses needs to face the truth and mobilize their workforce by creating a company-wide policy which should include the acceptable use of devices, security measures, technical standards, etc.

In short , every business that wants to eradicate the barrier between suppliers, employers, partners and customers to streamline the flow of business information between them, needs mobility solutions to gain a market.


Myth #3: “Development and Deployment of Apps is complicated and costly”

In order to get the app to a start it is expensive as there are lot of infrastructural changes that have to be addressed. The wire fame and prototype is a complex process as it requires updates on regular intervals.


When organization invest in Enterprise mobility all they can see is the one side of the picture,  they don’t realise Mobility would not only change the way they operate but it will also help organization save huge costs by reducing physical space and promoting BYOD culture which would eventually result in ROI. With robust mobility solutions, organizations also benefit from increased employee productivity and increased flexibility.


Myth #4: “Mobility is all about the device”

Mobility is only as effective as the device. Whether mobility works for an organization or not depends heavily on the types of devices used by employees and how much work can be done with these devices.


Mobility has never strictly been about devices. For businesses, it’s all about the network, with applications maybe running a close second. It is proper deployment and maintenance of the right networking solutions that determine how agile and efficient a business can be. Regular appraisals of a customer’s network can not only identify potential access problems—but also let you evaluate the network’s performance and gauge whether it is prepared to handle additional users and bandwidth necessary to accommodate the expected increase in mobile workers.


Myth #5: “Building an enterprise mobility application requires programming.”

This is the myth that has almost everyone drinking kool-aid. In today’s rapidly advancing mobile solution landscape, it is believed that several providers  require maximum programming to develop a solution. But At least one solution can be created and deployed without ANY programming whatsoever.


In today’s rapidly advancing mobile solution landscape, there are several providers who require minimal programming to develop a solution. Companies who embrace the reality that enterprise mobility is more about platform and integration than development, create and launch mobility solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional solutions. Often, one or two business analysts or IT architects can manage the entire project. Time to develop and launch a mobile app can be less than one month with these solutions.

As for the myths of enterprise app development, you now know the truth.

If you are looking to get out from these myths, get in touch with us for a no obligation 2-hour project consultancy. Our consultant will set you free.