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What does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

For all the right reasons an idea-driven app entrepreneur always wonder about mobile app development price. We develop iOS and Android applications for startups and established companies all over the world and can say that every product owner no matter if he is from the UK, USA, Australia, any part of Europe or India, is in search of a company that can offer a relatively low price and good quality.

Needless to say, mobile app development cost depends on various factors. But let’s try to figure out how much you may expect to give away for your fancy new iPad, iPhone or Android application and what you are actually paying for.



When you consider how much money you can afford to spend to make an app, think about it in terms of investment given VS investment returned. In other words, if your app will actually be able to generate ROI and if yes it then makes sense to invest in it. So how to justify app development cost to possible future coverage of your expenses? Based on our own experience, one should choose the expertise in the first place and only then the price.

 Doesn’t sound like anything new, right?

However, you might wonder what all those companies saying “Hire us, we are the one of best in the world for mobile apps”, differ from one another and which one you should choose. We are absolutely NOT saying that if you are damn sure your app will get your money back — go for an expensive company. High price = good quality equation is not always true. At the same time, low-cost development is NOT necessarily unable to produce an excellent result. That said, let’s take a look at the map. From the standpoint of average hourly rates, Internet resources show the following picture:

  1. USA / Australia-based programmers charge somewhere between $50-$150 an hour
  2. Western Europe Euro demanding guys can be hired for €60-€70 on average (the UK charges £60-£70 in GBP)
  3. Eastern Europe should between the range of $25-$50

But Indian Like us would charge $15 to $30 per hour and is attractive enough to lay your eyes on


Local vs Outsource

It makes sense to develop an app locally. That’s how you leverage the thing yourself reducing communication problems to a minimum. After all, face to face communication, a chance to literally touch and feel before pay and go is something to fall for. If you can afford it.

On the other side of the coin is mobile app development outsourcing. Even though it sounds like it is more difficult to communicate with the team across the ocean, it’s definitely not a rule. Remote team with experience and high professional developers in-house costing comparatively less can perform much better than a local company. In fact, it is not that hard to find an outsourcing company you can trust. All we can say is that if a remote company manages the communication difficulties and has the right skills and experience, project development with them is all worth it. Now we are coming close to what you pay for if collaborate with our company located in India.


How much does it cost to make an iPhone / Android app according to its complexity?

Here you go with a very approximate overview of the app development price. Since price depends on the time needed to get the job done. we can roughly classify the app into 3 type (multiply the hours with rates if you like)


  1. Simple app with basic functionality — 300 hours.

    Example: RSS feed, apps displaying data in the table view, limited functionality apps, informative and small admin to control it

  2. Middle complexity app — 400-600 hours.

    Example: booking events app, and a Dashboard to manage content

  3. Complex app — 600+ hours.Example: social network, dating app, high performance, PM CRM tools.


What app development cost includes

Do not expect an app development company to tell you the price of your product out of the blue. There is no such thing as a price list that can help you calculate the cost of developing an app. I mean there is, but it all depends.
Before sending you the actual bill, we do a rough estimate of the project. That’s how we identify the approximate number of hours needed to implement the product according to your documentation/scope/description/user stories/specification / whatever you call it. That’s when you can figure an approximate app development cost. I’d like to point out that’s all negotiable and we could always find the right solution for you and be flexible.

The best way to figure out how much your app costs in a “ballpark” estimate is to have a chat with one of our consultants. If you wish to have a no-obligation estimate done contact us. When your approval of the rough estimate is received we proceed with a detailed estimate where we identify the requirements for each scope of the work planned, put in into prototypes and show you what exactly your iOS or Android app will look like.

We provide full-cycle mobile app development. This means the questions: “How much does it cost to build an iPhone app?” or “How much does it cost to build an Android app?” can be put down on this simple equation:

COST = Requirements analysis + Design + Development + Verification + Maintenance


Full-cycle mobile app development means long-term collaboration


To launch an app is not to complete the mission. It is just the beginning. ROI doesn’t come that easy and fast. You will have to always enhance and improve your product to achieve the result that will satisfy you.

We will do everything to help you do that. We facilitate remote collaboration and care about the quality of our development services just like you care about the ROI. You always know who you are working with and are in direct touch with them always.