Overcome 4 Major Challenges Of Elevator Service Companies With Mobility

Author by Chintan Parikh

Task Management Software

The Elevator Service company is one of the fastest growing industry at the moment due to which the industry has changed drastically. The new customers look forward to faster services and quality result. The machinery is getting complicated and with the growing industry, the competition is getting fierce. The elevator companies are trying to keep up with the growing industry and at the same time trying to earn a profit by proving better service and repairs. With so many challenges, it would be impossible for them to do it without the help of a mobile application.

Here are 5 major challenges that an intelligent software solution can help you overcome:

Challenges 1: Growing Customer Expectation

The role of customer service has increased drastically in the last few years.  This increase in customer expectation is due to 24/7 connectivity and with the ability to reach companies via a different number of channels, the customer now wants an instant response to their queries. Every problem now needs instant attention and especially in Elevator Service Companies need to lift their game up as there is constant pressure on them to fix the problem in the very first time.

Thus the role of technology is very important for the Elevators Companies as it is next to impossible to fix all problems right the very first time without proper management app. The application would not only ease up the process but would help to track your capacity and performance at the same time.

Challenge 2: Avoiding Fines & Violations

As we all know the elevator industry is transforming and it is not a surprise to us that elevator compliance is also constantly evolving. The Department of Buildings (DOB), OSHA, and other governing bodies have been boosting regulatory efforts in an attempt to keep elevators code compliant and millions of passengers safe. In order to stay updated with the rule changes and code the only way to stay safe and compliant is to use an Elevator Software management solution which would automatically and continuously updates, collects critical data and issues alert on violations, complaints, inspections, fines, hearings,jobs and permits for property owners, managers, and service companies. In today’s environment compiling manual information on a spreadsheet is not enough to prevent critical issues from slipping through the cracks. Constant attention and technology are required to prevent the accumulation of risk factors that can lead to violations and fines.

Challenge 3: Real-Time Communication

Keeping track of the location of field service technicians used to be impossible, unless they called in. It was difficult to re-assign tasks, to know if they had run into problems, or if they had completed their assigned job ahead of schedule. Real-time communication and the ability to see where field service engineers are and where they are in their schedule or job can help managers rapidly re-assign those technicians that are running ahead of time, or send in additional help to those that have run into problems.

Technicians can update the status of their job with the click of a button to let the office know if they are on-route, starting a job, or job completed. Task Management Software Solution for Lift enables real-time communication so everyone is on the same page working as a cohesive and efficient team.


Challenge 4: Keeping Field Service Staff Happy

Elevator service technicians are the face of the company. Letting them perform their jobs without wasting time on operational or administrative tasks keeps them happy and, therefore, keeps your customers happy. Equipping technicians with all the knowledge they need and the ability to get help quickly if things go wrong can dramatically improve their performance. Giving them tools to easily locate the job site and equipment, ensure they have the correct parts, have all the customer and equipment history, and minimize their paperwork lets them concentrate on the job they were hired to do. Happy technicians are productive technicians!

As your business grows, it takes a lot of work, organization, and communication to succeed.  There are dozens of moving parts and tough decisions to make every day, and you need to stay on top of it all in order to move the company in the right direction. Whether for tracking client needs, arming your field staff, connecting departments or making data-informed decisions, you’ll find that implementing a synchronized system that works for you 24/7 and effectively eliminates human error is a natural, effective and revenue-generating investment.

Thus, in order to stay ahead in this fast growing industry allow our Enterprise Mobility Solution Company to develop a Task Management Software Solution for Lift which would not only allow you stay ahead but also at the right speed.

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