The Best Technician/Engineer App for Field Service

Author by Partho Parekh

“A good app only shows what’s necessary.”

One of the main concerns of every company that is planning to go through mobility transformation is whether their employees would be able to adapt to this change.


A lot of these technicians are not tech-savvy or they are trying hard to keep up with the smart era due to various reasons. Unnecessary information and flows can not only confuse them but also stress them out, bringing in them a sense of incompetence and low self-confidence.


This is why an easy to use app that lets them log in, punch-in and get to their job is necessary. All their processes should have the same flow. This is why FieldX is quite popular amongst technicians in every company that has been using FieldX.


FieldX’s engineer/technician app lets them punch-in, accept/reject jobs and then directly focus on the job. When you begin a job, the app shows the shortest route to the job site, where you can click images of required things, provide estimates, give descriptions and even get client signature from their respective clients before a job is closed.


What differentiates FieldX from its peers is the clarity of information within the app.

What differentiates FieldX from others


It has all the information required for a technician to complete their job such as description, special instruction and most importantly Asset History to let them go through the all the problems that a particular asset has gone through in order for them to identify the problem in a better way.


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