Xpensys: Capitalising your business travel expense today

Author by Chintan Parikh


One of the most important aspects of expenses for a company is business travel . While employees travel they aren’t doing any other task which often leads to less productivity. Thus in order to turn travel expense into a profitable investment somethings need to change.

1. Direct & Indirect Expenses

It is very important to book direct cost while traveling and also non- direct cost like transportation, accommodation, per diems, travel, etc.

1. Planning:

The main objective should be achieved more in your meeting with clients so planning plays an important role because the shorter the trip, the less the expense and the earlier the professional will be back at the company to perform his/her normal functions.

2. Define the goals and objectives as well as possible.

3. Organize Meeting

4. Attend Events

5.Time Management

6.Classification of different types of meetings and events

The main objective of defining the travel route is that one finds the profitable and convenient means of transport and always have an alternative in case of emergency. It is also highly recommended that corporate travelers have a service for emergencies and unforeseen occurrences, provided by the agency or by the company’s travel manager, so that they know what to do in case they have to make last-minute changes and can avoid wasting time, money or business opportunities.

2. Appropriate Tool:

A small investment in software for managing, controlling and supervising Xpensys is paramount to improving efficiency, optimizing time and saving costs.

In an increasingly globalized world in terms of markets and business organization, business trips are absolutely essential for a company’s consolidation, growth, and even its survival. Managing them properly means paying attention to a basic part of business, which can act as a relaunch ramp for any organization.

3. Monitor Xpensys:

The statistics are drawn up to obtain information on expenses during trips. In the long run, this information provides records that will help the company plan the future budget. All this information also makes it easy to control the travel policy and optimize budgets. The statistics can include a long list of expenses. Not only the cost of the airline ticket, hotel or taxi. The list also includes other items, such as the following: Visas and their processing. Currency exchange.


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