Xpensys: Smart Expense Management Software Solution you definitely don’t want to miss!

Author by Chintan Parikh

Expense Management Software

Businesses all over the globe have their financial teams waste too much time editing business expense reports to make sure they maintain accuracy, reduce spend leakage and pay employees on time. Xpensys software at Archisys solves all the above expense management issues by providing a globally viable expense solution with the capabilities needed to ensure global compliance and delight employees.

Xpensys, a good idea for your industry?

Xpensys- Expense Management is designed so your organization can easily enforce spending policies, capture receipts, process expense claims and make better business decisions based on timely, accurate data.

1.Manage Xpensys easily with mobile apps:

Create and approve from your mobile device, clear visibility as spend happens including approval workflows, real-time updates with push notifications.

2. Trip Management:

Expenses can be linked to individual or trips. Get trip reports on trip closure directly on mobile devices

 3 Real-Time GPS Tracking:

Approvers can track team members under them, check the history and last known location.

4. Custom Approval Leaves:

Custom reporting structure can be defined and levels of approval all as per companies and business units configurations.

Let us share some light on our Xpensys Software by talking to Chitral Jain, Operation Head at Archisys about what it is that makes expense management software truly cross-sector.


Q.1. What do you think it is that makes Xpensys a truly cross-sector product?

Well if you ask me, I will say it’s quite simple really, unlike many other Expenses software out there in the market. Xpensys is incredibly flexible, and that is key. Furthermore, we have also worked with clients in various sectors to understand the spending habits of their employees and as a result, we provide a complete solution that fit their actual needs.

Q.2  How is this different from other systems?

Most systems expect the user to select from a standard list of Expense Types, and these usually have more in common with account code descriptions than items people actually buy. Nobody goes into a shop and asks for ‘Staff Welfare’! We present a list of items that people recognize, and then we ask simple questions designed to make sure we can accurately post the expense.

In all these cases, and many more, we have worked with clients to identify their core challenges and then configured the software to match their needs, offering accuracy and efficiency beyond the scope of other products.

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