How to build an app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor at your clinic

Every doctor with a personal clinic for their patients needs to know how to build an on-demand app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor. 

While talking about the need for a pharmacy app and how to sell drugs and medicines online in my previous blog, I’d mentioned them as silent healthcare heroes and healthcare partners that no one talks about. 

But pharmacies aren’t the only silent healthcare partners in times of COVID. It is unjust to ignore the necessity of other doctors just because our only concern is coronavirus. Just two days ago, I was trying to find a primary care doctor near me and I wasn’t able to because I’d shifted to a city that was entirely new to me. 

There are many types of doctors out there and people do suffer from other problems other than COVID. We have nose ear and throat doctors, kidney doctors, primary care doctors, chiropractic doctors, chiropractic doctors, dentists, orthopedic doctors, pediatric doctors, and a hundred other types of doctors but finding a doctor when in need is now one of the biggest problems out there.

Even if I am to approach a primary care doctor near me how am I to make sure that space is COVID free? Most patients even with symptoms or cases of COVID first approach primary care doctors due to the fear of being tested positive.

This is why if you are a primary care doctor or a doctor with a private practice catering to multiple patients in a day at your clinic, you need to have an on demand app for patients nearby who wish to make an appointment with a doctor as a part of their healthcare consultation management. 

Reasons to develop an on demand app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor

Why do patients need an app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor?

Primarily because nobody likes to wait at a hospital or a clinic and especially not during a pandemic. It’s like trying to save yourself from lighting by standing by an electric pole or beneath a tree.

But that isn’t all. There are so many benefits of developing an app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor su as:

  • Provides patients with 24 hrs convenience
  • Patients do not have to wait for hours
  • Reduces patient no-shows
  • Allows appointment scheduling anytime and from anywhere
  • Better management of your schedule
  • Improves efficiency at your clinic
  • Streamlines processes
  • Saves time and money
  • Saves time on administrative tasks
  • Helps in avoiding over booking
  • Helps manage patient registration, patient history, patient journey, etc online.
  • Eliminate human errors like misspelling a name or mistyping an appointment time.
  • Direct online payments
  • Ease of communication for minor issues

How to create a simple and basic doctor appointment app for FREE

Before going into the details of building an app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor, let me provide you with the easiest way to create the app without even having to know development or using a single code.

This is for doctors who need the appointment scheduling app ASAP that can perform basic consultation management for their appointments. 

We present to you, Appypie doctor’s appointment app builder!

appypie doctor appointment app screenshot


This is the screenshot of Appypie appmakr’s  doctor’s appointment app builder page and as you can see, you get all the basic benefits of doctor appointment app like appointment booking management, secure online payments, push notifications for you as well as your patients, and even chat services that lets you talk to your patients via video calls.

Their page claims that you can create a free app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor in 3 easy steps:

Enter your app’s name

Choose a layout and edit it to make it more interactive & engaging.

Add features like appointment, payment, etc.

Create an innovative doctor appointment app without coding.

Publish the app to Play Store and App Store

Make it easy for the patients to make appointments even on the go.

Features to enhance your doctor appointment app

For doctors who manage major multispeciality clinics and hospitals, building a basic doctor appointment app will be barely of any help.

These are the important features that your standard doctor appointment app must have:

Profile creation

Patient and doctor profile creation is the first key feature of the on demand doctor booking and appointment scheduling application. 

In this both doctors and patients fill important details to create their respective profiles. 

The doctor’s profile will have the following information.

  • Basic information:
    You can add a doctor’s photo, name, qualification and other details that a patient would need to find or identify the doctor.
  • Location of the doctor:
    You can also add the distance counter between the patient and the doctor.
  • Competence:
    In this section, the doctor can add their specialty, experience, education, professional certifications, and many more.
  • Rating:
    This section will show the reviews and ratings given by the other patients.

The patient’s profile will have:

  • Basic patient information:
    This will have all the basic information that can help the doctor to make a record of a patient along with getting to know how to address them.
  • Phone number:
    This will let the doctor make a quick call to their patients in case of an emergency or any medical need.
  • Age, sex, and other information: – This information is vital for the treatment of the patient.


This feature lets the patients search for the kind of expert consultation they want such as medical consultation or pediatric consultation or for a suitable doctor as per their needs such as primary care doctors, kidney doctors, nose ear and throat doctors, heart doctors, orthopedic doctors, chiropractic doctors, etc as a part of their complete consultation management.  

The patients can search doctors using various filters like doctor’s specialty, area, type of care, price, range, preferable time, available insurance, and more.

This search feature with advanced filters can make the process of searching doctors streamlined, quick, accurate, and relevant.

Appointment booking

After selecting a suitable doctor, the patient can send a request for the appointment. 

A built-in chat is also provided so that the patient can discuss any additional issues or queries. If requested, an AI chatbot can be implemented to guide the patients automatically through all the processes until appointment booking as well as address all their basic queries.

Once the doctor and the patient are on the same page by discussing everything out, the doctor can confirm the appointment request.

Multiple payment options

A cashless transaction is not only easy but also safe in times of the COVID pandemic. 

An integrated in-built payment gateway in your on-demand Doctor Appointment Scheduling app will allow your patients to make payments via multiple modes such as credit card, debit card, UPIs, net banking and wallet without any hassles.

Payment option will also make sure that none of your users goes away from this stage. In order to do this, your payment process:

  • Should be simple and easy to use.
  • Should be quick.
  • Must have proper security against scams and frauds.
  • Should be able to generate invoices automatically


No one can predict when a medical emergency might occur. 

That’s why it’s important that your online appointment booking app should have a feature to manage all the SOS and emergency cases. 

This feature would allow the user to call for an ambulance directly using their smartphone.

GPS tracking

This feature helps both patients and doctors to locate each other as fast and accurately as they can.

Live video conferencing

Live video conferencing is an important feature of an online doctor appointment booking app. 

It helps the users to have personal primary interactions with their doctors and ask a doctor without having to travel all the way to the clinic during this pandemic. 

The doctor can simply try to understand and identify a patient’s illness and prescribe them drugs and medicines or other ailments through the app.

Push notifications

With this feature, the users can get push notifications on their mobile phones even when they are not using it. 

In addition, the admin can also send reminders about appointments, medicines, and many more.

Document sharing

With this feature, the patients can share patient history, patient journey, patient info, patient assessment, previous prescription and every other medical record with the doctors. 

Even doctors can share prescriptions and test recommendations with their patients using this feature.

Features you may find useful or want to include later:

  • Cloud-based e-records 
    Allow patients to view test results, exams, radiology images, and prescriptions.
  • Medication tracker
    Offer reminders for patients to take medications and refill prescriptions.
  • Health tips and insights
    Regularly share useful guides to healthy living and advice on illnesses.

Things to consider while building an app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor

While the actual implementation of an online scheduling system is typically seamless and relatively simple, there are considerations that medical, healthcare and wellness facilities should keep in mind when creating a digital online platform such as the doctor appointment app. This includes: 

The need for and reliance on the app

One question that you must answer is whether or not to make online scheduling a requirement.

Having an app that can schedule an appointment with a doctor from your clinic can certainly free up staff responsibilities and schedules, but it can also be a hindrance to those without easy access to the Internet or the ones who cannot afford a smartphone. 

Many facilities give their patients and clients the option of booking online, which typically brings good results. You should consider this as well. 

Demography of patients

Understanding the effect of patient demographics on the success of an online scheduling system whose goal is to provide easy scheduling is important. 

Facilities, centers and practices with younger patients and clients may have an easy transition, as this group is typically Internet savvy and actually prefer to schedule appointments online. 

On the other end of the spectrum are senior patients and clients who might not be able to book appointments online without the help of the other younger members in the family.

There are indeed tech-savvy senior patients. My intention is not to put them down but to let you know that there still exists a significant number of senior citizens who may not be comfortable scheduling online.

Healthcare compliances of different countries 

Given the online interaction and transfer of information between a facility and its patients, the scheduling system selected should include security and privacy policies that comply with healthcare standards implemented in different countries such as the HIPAA standards in USA.

These compliances will include things such as encryption (SSL); system-user identifiers, logins and passwords; multiple user access levels; high-end physical server security; nightly backups; strong privacy policies; and timed log outs. 

These compliances make sure that the app has strong internal policies regarding patient and customer information and ensure that this data is secured.

How to find the right mobile app development company 

A variety of online scheduling applications are available on the market today. However, they vary greatly in the types of features, functionality and services offered. 

There are development companies that provide you with readymade solutions such as the Appypie appmakr tool that lets you create a basic version of the app in a day and helps you launch it as well.

But to build a professional app needs a professional mobile app development company like Archisys, who has stayed and will stay in the forefront and take the lead for you including market research, designing, prototyping, development, testing, launch and maintaining as well as upgrading your app on regular intervals. A good mobile app development company will make sure about these things first:

Features and functionality 

Although some features and functionality come standard with some scheduling systems, they can vary widely among the many service providers. 

An analysis of both current and future needs can help with the primary set of features in the selection process. 

The mobile app development company should have or utilize the services of a team of specialists experienced with multiple variations of scheduling processes since creating a specified workflow typically requires a certain level of expertise and can be time consuming as well. 

Industry expertise 

Medical, healthcare and wellness facilities oftentimes have unique scheduling needs that stretch beyond the standard functionality of the system. 

This is especially true if your clinic or hospital has multiple locations, large numbers of staff and patients/customers, and a high volume of appointments. 

Many providers do not offer the professional services necessary to accommodate these needs. It is important to Inquire on what the mobile app development company has to offer including customization and advanced services. 

Security of patient data

Data security is a must when it comes to an online scheduling system. 

Professional mobile app development companies incorporate the latest security measures and practices, such as secure server databases, data storage and back-up procedures, processes related to failover and other healthcare compliances and regulations, as well as common practices.

This knowledge is important not only in building an app for scheduling an appointment with a doctor but also to avoid any legal troubles in the future.


The cost of a doctor appointment app is usually determined by the scope of the operations and what the app will be used for. 

Smaller facilities may require just a basic set-up and can even be available for free buy using the aforementioned Appypie doctor appointment app maker and similar platforms. 

However, larger facilities and features will require professional teams that can be provided only by experienced mobile app development companies.

Some of them might offer a more cost-effective monthly package to accommodate the high usage and multiple locations common with most of these operations. 

Professional mobile app development companies will always write up a contract that includes all work to be done, requirements, the total cost of the work and monthly fees, and other information applicable to both parties.

Customer support

A strong customer support should be a primary requirement when searching for a professional mobile app development company to build your appointment booking app. 

The company should provide a relationship manager, a customer support executive or a project manager that can be contacted at any time for the app that needs to be functional at all times and one that reaches across multiple locations.


Longevity is usually a good tell-tale sign of a dependable mobile app development company. 

A company has been in business for a long time will not abandon you in the middle because your project means a lot to them and completing it successfully will only help them in the long run. 

Examples of latest doctor appointment apps

Let’s check out some of the popular doctor appointment apps in the market right now.This will provide you with a better understanding of what doctor appointment apps look like and what features they include.


Practo is one of the leading doctor’s appointment booking app right now that lets a person book an appointment with a doctor online. 

The session with the doctor can be held over a voice call or chat. Both paid and free consultations are available on the portal as a part of their consultation management.

All queries on the app are answered quickly by representatives as well as doctors and if in case a query goes unanswered then, the money is refunded. 

Practo app is available on both Android and iOS.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is America’s famous medical center that has provided medical services with various types of doctors and expert consultation to patients with serious and complex illnesses for more than a century. 

The Mayo Clinic app that they launched helps patients with scheduling an appointment with doctor, finding a doctor for expert consultation such as primary care doctors, pediatric doctors, nose ear and throat doctors, kidney doctors, etc, view their appointment schedule, access test results, pay for visit to the clinic online, and even communicate with different healthcare partners and experts as a part of their consultation management.

This app is also available for both Android and iOS.

Want to build a doctor appointment app

Doctor appointment apps have become a necessity in times like these and can help millions of people who need various other ailments. Being their unsung healthcare heroes and official healthcare partners, it becomes your responsibility to provide them with the best ways to get in touch with you.

This is not only to keep them safe but also to protect you, your employees and your family members from the ongoing pandemic and help you streamline your processes.

It is always advisable to do proper research in finding out expert mobile app development companies for your needs. But as an award-winning mobile app development company, we would recommend you to consult us as well.

We provide two free consultations wherein you can discuss your project idea and needs. We will not only guide you through but also suggest you to other expert developers if needed.

Good luck with your idea and thanks for reading!

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