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SHIFT Movers and Packers is the UK’s leading logistics company that does its business through its website and mobile application. They are well-known for their easy-to-use services that help people shift their items directly by selecting the items they want to shift along with appropriate time-slots via Shift app that also provides them with an estimate directly. Check them out at

Solution We Provided

SHIFT is lead by a young and visionary entrepreneur named Jacob Corlett who had a clear business plan and a well-planned roadmap. He was sure what he wanted but he knew that he would need an efficient team of developers to execute his project since the app was to be the backbone of his business. The problem was that most of the native developers are quite costly in the United Kingdom and since he also had to keep the budget in mind due to continuous A/B testing and rollouts he had to find an alternate option.

Jacob had worked with us in the past as well and he knew that we had the manpower and will to get it done for him. So, he contacted us and travelled all the way to our office in India to discuss his entire project and meet with our team along with his CTO.

This is when our Open Source Practice Head, Durgesh Timbadiya and his team came in to help him create the application that he had dreamt off within the timeline that he’d envisioned.

The task also included that we secure their system from any and every malicious attack online and so our DevOps Practice Head, Bhadresh Punjabi would sit day in and day out to fix their security issues and build a firewall strong enough to secure their entire system for them including their development process and ports. DevOps helped them in automating a lot of their development processes as well.

We are still working with them as their technology partners and helping them make changes continuously to keep their app up-to-date and user-friendly.

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What Client Says

“At Stock Book LLP, we have been using the services of Stallion Archisys since more than 3 years and our overall experience is highly satisfactory in almost all aspects. they have developed the mobile application and the website for us and are maintaining the same on our behalf. I would recommend them to others requiring similar services. They can surely improve upon documentation and written communication to their benefit”

Jayesh Shah, CTO Stockbook

“We are quite happy with the services provided by Archisys. They have always helped us to get our website and app in place and created our admin system the way we needed it to be.”

Vatsal Trivedi, CTO Vegetos

“Archisys has never disappointed us and the best part of them is that they are very flexible and adaptable to our needs. They are surprisingly agile enough to work according to our code practices. I would say if you are planning to hire developers from India then you can definitely hire them.”

Jacob, CTO Shift

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