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Authored by chintan on March 28, 2020

DevOps has become the backbone of all the online businesses now. Without the help of DevOps, it would be almost impossible to secure these businesses since no system is foolproof and online businesses can be manipulated easily due to lack of technical knowledge and awareness as well. It is here that Archisys comes to your rescue.

Our resources stay updated and are equipped with the latest technologies. Most of them are trained in ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Problem Solving’ so that they can understand the soul (crux) of what they are developing. This unique quality of ours is what makes our resources special.

Our DevOps Services:

    1. Cloud Management Services
      Cloud experts are skilled in Application Migration, Cloud Deployment, Implementation, Infrastructure Management as well as in Disaster Recovery Services etc.
    1. Auto Deployment (CI-CD)
      To attack this challenge, many IT infrastructure leaders are creating operational efficiencies by simplifying IT deployment and shortening provisioning time. These leaders are embracing Gartner’s “Shift Left” recommendation for improving efficiency. Archisys fulfils this strategic vision by enabling organizations to increase capacity by shifting specialized technical activities.
    1. Build & Configuration Management
      Configuration management (CM) is a governance and systems engineering process for ensuring consistency among physical and logical assets in an operational environment. The configuration management process seeks to identify and track individual configuration items (CIs), documenting functional capabilities, and interdependencies. Administrators, technicians, and software developers can use configuration management tools to verify the effect a change to one configuration item has on other systems.
    1. Containerization

      As the trends show, containerization holds high influence on Cloud Computing and DevOps trends. With its advanced solution for boosting infrastructure efficiency, Containerization-as-Service is already leaving its mark in the cloud’s as-a-service models.

      Public cloud containers are already making some significant impact in addressing the needs of Dev and Ops teams, thus also adding to the successful functioning of DevOps culture.

    1. Monitoring

      Central to the idea of DevOps is collaboration between all of the teams involved in IT applications and infrastructure. Developers, Operations, Quality Assurance, Security, and more, all have stakes in the delivery of a product or service. So, what does collaboration mean when it comes to monitoring in the world of DevOps?

      In the past, different teams that were involved in creating or maintaining an application would first finish their portion completely before passing it on to the next team. For example, the Development team would first write code for the entire app, or specific features in the app, before passing it to the Quality Assurance (QA) team. The QA team would then do their testing and analysis before sending it forward to Operations, and so on.

    1. Security
      DevOps security refers to the discipline and practice of safeguarding the entire DevOps environment through strategies, policies, processes, and technology. Security should be built into every part of the DevOps lifecycle, including inception, design, build, test, release, support, maintenance, and beyond. Today, this type of “baked-in” DevOps security is often called DevSecOps, which aims to improve security through improved collaboration and shared responsibility that overlays the entire DevOps workflow.
  1. Backup Services
    Backups are about protecting data, applications, and systems that are important to the organization. In operations environments, it’s easy to provide backups: pick the workload that needs hyper-availability and back it up. Operations environments are relatively static – in that, the systems and applications used remain relatively consistent, with only the data changing daily. 

Why Archisys can provide you with the Best!



Strict NDA Terms

Do not worry about the security of your ideas when you are working with us. Everything is strictly confidential.

Individuals and Teams

Our developers have worked on this field for years and can mix with your team as well as lead one for you.

Expansion and Management

Scale your team by hiring our developers to work along with yours. Hire agile project managers, architects, and leads.

Quality Assurance

Our iOS developers are regularly trained in work logs, patterns, and agile processes such as user stories, tasks, and work logs.

Flexible Hiring Models

If you think our model isn’t flexible then you’re wrong. Scale up or scale down your requirements whenever required.

Security and IP Protection

We make sure that your IP always stays protected from malicious attacks capable of taking websites down.


The provisioning of the server infrastructure itself can be a dynamic process on the cloud. DevOps processes can trigger both the platform and application security checks whenever a new version of an application is deployed. Hence DevOps on the cloud effectively blurs lines between the platform security and application security, as the automation of compliance and regulatory tests along with application-specific quality tests will be the norm. Clearly, DevOps is set to evolve as the next significant wave for cloud security.

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