Customer Profile

An easy and intuitive space for customers to manage all their information.


Customers can buy products directly, save or add them all to the cart to checkout.


Customers can browse through the desired products swiftly through categories.


Customers can buy products and even add them to wish-list for future purchases.


Manage, view and modify your order processes and past orders quickly.

Promo Codes

Promotional offer code system and reward points for customers to avail discounts.


In-built wallet for customers to load money and purchase directly from the app.

Payment Gateways

Integrated Payment Gateways for customers to choose any suitable payment method.

Push Notifications

Keep your customers informed all the time with instant push notifications.

Admin Dashboard

Only for the ‘owners’. The master key access to everything within the system.

Customer Feedback

A customer knows if you care about them or not and they remember it too. #important

Customer Analytics

Smart Analytics to track your customer behaviour and ordering patterns.


Advertise product arrivals and discounts on your web and mobile platforms

KPI Widgets

Key Process Indicator Widgets to let you know your company’s progress.

Delivery Slots

Keep assigning slots to your delivery team for timely delivery of products.

FAQ Module

Add ad many Questions and Answers to solve your customers’ problems.

Third Party Integration

Integrate your software with any third party software easily.

Customer Support

Customers can reach out to you anytime through SMS, Chat or Calls directly.

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