White-labeled digital commerce solutions

Build your SaaS solution on top of the most flexible architecture available

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White-labeled digital commerce solutions

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Selling complex regional, industry-specific, or unique SaaS solutions? Are you looking for a platform on which to base your product? If so, look no further than Artis eCommerce to get a competitive edge.

Using a monolithic and rigid solution for your SaaS business could be a grave mistake – as the lack of flexibility would slow your time to market and hinder long-term growth.

Artis eCommerce has built a leading .NET, agile and scalable solution that allows endless customization for your clients, making it the ideal technological foundation to build extensible solutions for others. For industry and regional specific solutions and SaaS – the flexibility and scalability of Archisys’s technology can’t be matched by any other company. We are passionate about providing a technological foundation for unique, disruptive business models and are ready to invest in innovative SaaS businesses built on our technology.

For businesses that use our white label e-commerce platform, we can provide a flexible licensing model that is unique in the digital commerce industry.

Your long-term technology partner, Archisys, collaborates with you on every step along your journey. Leaders in Pharma and Grocery Delivery have chosen Archisys to power the SaaS and industry-specific solutions they created for their customers.

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Why choose Artis eCommerce for your white label e-commerce platform?

White label e-commerce case studies

Grocery Delivery App

A online Grocery app service fresh organic vegetable and fruits within hours and at affordable rates.

Medical Products Distribution App

An ordering app for high end medical product for doctors and hospitals dealing across 80 countries.

Organic Product Supply

A disruptive startup Grabpin , targeting to create a marketplace for produces manufactured without use of chemicals and pesticides and to promote local market.

Cloud computing helps online businesses meet the ever-changing demands of their customers and the marketplace. Scaling up or down solutions or services is no longer necessary as the cloud gives e-commerce platforms a scalable architecture, by making them synchronous with the market scenario.

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Organic Product Supply