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About Omega Elevators

With branches in over 41 countries worldwide and after having installed more than 45k elevators the elevator giants have become synonymous with quality and excellence. They are quite often compared with international giants who have been ruling the industry for ages. So, when they approached us with a pain we were baffled. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and one of our biggest stepping stones.

Omega had so many technicians under them in various countries and their expert engineers had to travel almost on a regular basis domestically and internationally. They had a lot of people to track these expenses and it wasn’t always possible to keep a tab on everything. This gave rise to a lot of expenses going unnoticed or unaccounted. There were delays in a lot of reimbursements due to lack of proper paperwork and physical unavailability of approval authorities.

Solution We Provided

Solution We Provided

The first thing that we did was to identify approval authorities and form a proper hierarchical structure based on these roles. We provided access to the super-admin for them to decide who all function under them and then accordingly whoever they’d add in their team would have to report to the super-admin and henceforth. Thus approval authorities and hierarchies were created on their own based on this tree structure.

The super-admin also is capable of introducing the company’s spend policies and all the approval authorities can set the spend-limit for all the technicians working under their supervision. Every one of these people are given the ability to create trips and technical tasks and the functionality of adding expenses by clicking the picture of the bill. Their daily expenses would be sent to the approval authorities first and then to the accountants/auditors upon approval.

This fastened reimbursement processes and made sure that each penny was accounted for. The best part was that this not only brought transparency amidst teams but helped the company save a lot of money each year and even today as you read this.

Technologies Used

Postgre SQL
Microsoft .Net
Rabbit MQ
Google Cloud
Google Maps
One Signal

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