The Need For an
Expense Management System

A smart expense management software will not only automate most of the processes but also help the employees and employers manage company expenses in an efficient and comfortable way that too by keeping the company’s policies in mind.


With Archisys, You Manage More than Money...
Trip Management Software

Trip management is not just about requesting trips and getting them approved. It’s about cutting down the process and making it simple enough to save time so that employees can actually focus on finishing their business. Push your boundaries faster, fresher and fiercer.

Power your app with integrable payment gateway to make it a complete and self-sufficient system!

Facilities within an
Enterprise Expense Management


Expense Manager

Add, submit, approve, audit your trips and expenses via mobile app whenever you go and wherever you go. Push notification powered.


Policy Engine

A powerful program that helps you execute all your company expense policies in order to set spend limit for your employees.


Audit Manager

Automate your company’s auditing process through Audit Manager that collects all the necessary papers at one place after approval.


KPI Widgets

Key Process Indicators on the dashboard to provide the authorities with all the statistics they need to weave a better financial plan.


Approval Hierarchy

Create and set multiple levels of approval flows within the system to make sure that the approval remains in the hands of TLs and Managers.



Yes, your company might be an MNC or your employees need to travel abroad. That’s okay! A smart system will have it all.


Maintaining our team’s trips and expenses on a daily basis would have been a daily hassle had it not been for Archisys. Thumbs-up for Archisys.

After what they have delivered and their support team’s dedication, I’d totally recommend them to anyone for professional mobility solution.

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Xpensys - the completed expense management solution. Now manage Your employees'trip and Expense reibursements directly from Your mobile.


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