Expense Management Software Solution

Manage all your company’s reimbursements, expenses, and audits through our intelligent enterprise spend solution.

Expense Management Software Solution
The Need For an Expense Management System

The Need For an Expense Management System

A smart expense management software will not only automate most of the processes but also help the employees and employers manage company expenses in an efficient and comfortable way that too by keeping the company’s policies in mind.

With Archisys, You Manage More than Money.

Trip Management
Manage all your employees’ trip requests, approvals, and reimbursements on the go and let them focus on their actual job!

Expense Manager
Add, submit, approve, audit your trips and expenses via the mobile app whenever you go and wherever you go. Push notification powered.

Policy Engine
A powerful program that helps you execute all your company expense policies in order to set spend limit for your employees.

Audit Manager
Automate your company’s auditing process through Audit Manager that collects all the necessary papers at one place after approval.

Approval Hierarchy
Create and set multiple levels of approval flows within the system to make sure that the approval remains in the hands of TLs and Managers.

Yes, your company might be an MNC or your employees need to travel abroad. That’s okay! A smart system will have it all.

With Archisys, You Manage More than Money.
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