Custom Software Vs Tailored Software – The FSM Software Solution

Authored by Parth Parekh on April 19, 2019

‘There is no tailored software that can fit your company’s needs perfectly.’

The truth is that there is no tailored software that can fit your company’s needs perfectly. Believe it or not, any ready-made software that you intend to purchase will either have much more than what you need or will lack some crucial parts of your business process.

You can witness so many companies looking for a CRM/FSM software for their company without even defining what they need and why they need what they need, only to end up buying bulky, glossy and costly CRM software. It is only after their initial usage that they realize the uselessness of the CRM.

Define your Company’s Process before you start Hunting for a Software. You need to be smart before you buy a smart solution. Only and only then will you be able to utilize it for the best.

This is exactly why our Archisys Consultancy Team asks our clients to try out our individual products so that it would help them in defining the right needs. How?

Due to the IT and IOT revolution happening within industries a lot of companies have started looking for smart solutions. But this new mobility that they are looking for was completely unknown to them previously. Hence, most of these companies do not know where to start from and how to. This creates more confusion for them and they shy away from change.

The problem is that there’s a huge understanding gap between the developers and the clients in the market. They need to work together and take baby steps i.e. beginner-level steps to implement a basic system initially so that even employees of the companies can get used to.

The key is to use your canvas effectively by getting a custom solution that fills in your gaps perfectly.

So, consult any well-experienced firm with a strong background in a service-based industry like us before you make a decision. An initial investment can be helpful for you in saving a lot later.

As the saying goes, “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.”

All you need to do is:

Trust us. Try us. Team up. Transgress.

The Time is Now.


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