Archisys Speaks:All About Hiring Dedicated Development Teams for Your Startup

Authored by chintan on February 25, 2020

The most important part of a successful startup is creating a neat and fruitful MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The main question one has to answer is how to hire a dedicated team of developers for a startup in order to do that.

As the startup lifecycle involves investing significant time and resources into developing an MVP, the startups want guarantees of successful and timely project completion. Hiring a dedicated team of software developers is the base of successful product delivery.

  • According to Statista, around $288 billion spent globally for IT outsourcing services that include mobile app development to websites, software and other IT related things.
  • However, according to another survey agency Deloitte, 53% of businesses outsource their IT functions.
  • Also, small businesses invest 6.1% of their IT budget in IT outsourcing, while mid-sized firms invest 4.6% and large-sized enterprise businesses invest 7.4% for the same.


By observing the above statistics and rest of market analysis you may find one similar pattern that whether it’s a small scale business or an enterprise-level business, everyone is investing 5–15% to outsourcing their IT services.


In a perfect screenplay, you already have a dedicated team of software developers who helped you accomplish a cluster of projects and who understand your requirements and expectations. In the real world, you do not have them and have to hire a dedicated development team to change your project into reality.


 There are such possible courses of actions:

    • Searching for a dedicated team of developers by recommendation
    • Searching for a professional development team on the Internet
    • Hiring a software development team through freelance workplaces
    • Contacting a team of software engineers over social media or LinkedIn
    • Hiring a dedicated team for software development from a Managed Service Provider
    • Meeting a team of software developers on conferences, meetups, and hackathons


How to discover the best ‘dedicated development team’ for your startup?


Surfing the Internet to hire a dedicated team of developers :

Many long-standing software development teams offer their services through their landing pages over the Internet. As invention and promotion of websites offering various software development and delivery services require lots of time and effort, the companies who do this should be strict about their jobs. To say even more, if these websites appear on the top SERPs, the teams behind them must be doing their job well.


Try searching for the keywords relevant to your project, like:

  • Dedicated Developers for Software Services
  • Custom-tailored cloud solutions for startups and business
  • Building an MVP for startups
  • Full-cycle services for small business, etc.


The keywords in your search requests will be related to your project, obviously. The resulting pages will provide the contacts of multiple dedicated software development teams or their contacts on industry-specific classified advertisement websites and boards. This might even bring up the reviews from the previous customers of said teams placed on such boards.


Hiring a dedicated freelance team of developers :

Websites like Freelancer or Upwork are quite popular freelancing workplaces, where multiple dedicated software development teams provide their services. These services vary from web development and mobile app development for iOS and Android to creating custom CRM or corporate eLearning systems, delivering various infrastructure solutions or providing custom development of modules for popular eCommerce platforms.


Contacting a dedicated software development team through social media and LinkedIn :

One of the most obvious ways to reach out to the software development teams is by contacting them through social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. 


These resources have thematic groups where these developers can be found. You can post your project description there and ask for help, contacts of the worthy contractors. Your friends and family can do this too — sharing is caring, you know!


The main benefit of searching via LinkedIn is that this social network is built to connect professionals. The specialists post their portfolios there, specify their skills, and the level of their endorsements shows their overall efficiency at their job — or great soft skills. To say more, many managed services providers maintain their presence on LinkedIn and can be contacted through there.


Just search for the keywords applicable to your requirements and select Companies filter to get the list of potential contractors. Browse through the results, assess the companies and contact the CEO or CTO of the most promising contractor!



Hiring a dedicated team of developers from an MSP

Using all the aforementioned methods of searching for a reliable team of developers you will often see the contacts of Managed Services Provider companies (MSPs). These firms specialize in the development of any kind of software and apps and their ongoing support. You might happen to notice the same companies on the Internet, mentioned by your cognizance listed on various work marketplaces, business ads boards and on social media.


By analyzing the search results you can make the following conclusions:

  • If the company website appears on the 1–2 Google result page on the searches relevant to your project, the company has invested heavily in the correct SEO promotion.
  • If the website appears for many keywords, the company has built the right marketing and SEO strategy — and will be able to do this for your startup as well.
  • If the company website has a sleek and nice-looking website with intuitive design, easy navigation and fast performance, the products of this company will likely have the same features.
  • If the company website contains sufficient quantities of completed business cases and finished projects, along with positive feedback from satisfied customers, the company really possesses a good stack of skills and experience, allowing it to complete your project on time and with reliable quality.


The same goes for the other way. If the company website looks untidy, has complex navigation and malfunctioning buttons on various pages, it’s better to avoid dealing with such a company for good. Otherwise, you risk receiving the same flaws for the product they develop for you. In addition, aside from reading the positive feedback on the website, try searching for additional reviews and feedback over the Internet. Negative reviews help form a holistic picture of the company, don’t they?


Meeting a dedicated team of software developers at conferences, meetups, and hackathons

In order to remain competitive, software developers should always continue their self-education and professional growth. This is why good software development teams often participate in various conferences, meetups, and hackathons, which are well-covered in the mass media and social media. Attend such events in your city — or neighboring IT hubs. Talk with the participants, and they will either be able to help you or will point you in the right direction. To say more, you will be able to see the efficiency of the team’s work on the hackathon.

The drawbacks of this approach are the same as with the word of mouth recommendations. You might find a great dedicated team of software developers that just don’t have the needed skills to make your project a reality.


How to evaluate a dedicated software development team then?

We recommend combining all the aforementioned approaches. You will obviously not hire the first team you find, as the software development lifecycle of your product will cost several dozen thousand dollars, and you need to hire the most reliable team of developers to invest the money right. Shortlist 3–4 software development teams evaluate their skill stacks, portfolio, website quality and positioning, feedback from their previous customers.


Follow the below points:

Company experience: We do not recommend delegating complex or costly projects to young teams with less than 2–3 years of experience. Such teams either lack the needed experience or might fall apart amidst your project, leaving it in debris.


Staff size: The teams with 10 members or less are usually highly-specialized. This means there is nobody to replace the crucial team member should he or she become ill or leave altogether. We recommend working with the MSPs who are at least 30–40 men strong to ensure the project continuity and timely completion.


Company portfolio: Contact the previous customers of this company. Find out if they were satisfied with the project management and product development, team interaction and feedback response. The real reviews are the best proof of quality, and if the team has already successfully developed the products for startups — they will be able to provide high-quality services and workflows for you.


Product quality: Ask the company to provide the examples of working products and solutions they developed, or try to use the services of the previous customers. If their products are intuitive, performant and work fast — this software development team really can deliver a high-quality product.


Company website: Ask the third-party specialist to evaluate the chosen team’s website. Aside from a good design, it must be functional, intuitive and well-optimized. If the team cannot do it for their own website — they will hardly be able to provide these qualities for your product.



Here’s why Archisys is the best choice for you!

Because you get to choose from: 


Extended Teams 

A team of expert developers to support your niche team till the completion of your project or till the desired time limit.


‘Managed’ Dedicated Team 

Hire a dedicated team of developers along with an experienced leader to guide them according to your requirements.


‘Onsite’ Dedicated Team 

A team of expert experienced and dedicated developers on hire within India and across countries like UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Australia and more.


‘Product Development’ Team

A dedicated team/s entirely available on hire from ideation till the completion of your project at our office or your site depending on your requirements.



Hire Dedicated Developer’ Model will always have these features mandatorily. They are:


  1. Full-time and experienced developers
     here, the word ‘dedicated’ forms the crux of this model and that means every developer you hire will exclusively be working for you. You get to select which ones to hire based on their experiences and your needs. It is as simple as it seems and usually comes with no ‘terms and conditions’.
  2.  Access to a wide range of skills
    Companies that usually provide dedicated developers on hiring basis have developers from various domains such as PHP, .net, android, iOS, and more. So, you get to choose what technology you wish to implement and who to hire be it the ReactJS guy or the Mongo man or the Laravel lad.
  3. On-demand availability
    One of the major hassles in hiring professionals on your own is their lack of availability. To get a readily available developer every time you’re in need of one is next to impossible if you try to do it on your own. But with this model, you can get your required professional even within a day’s time! This is like the ‘UberEats’ of development Services.
  4. Flexibility
    Hire developers for a week, month or a year without worrying about the developers once the work is done and dusted. You can hire them any time you want and dismiss them anytime you want and that too 100% guilt-free. That’s what flexibility means!
  5. Scalability
    Talking about scalability, your agency/service providers can provide you with just one developer and can help you scale it up to a full-fledged team containing designers, project managers, and content writers as well, according to your needs.
  6. Faster Turnaround
    With a dedicated team working only for you and focusing only on your project, everything becomes a priority. This speeds up every process involved in development from ideation to designing, prototyping, development, and testing. Faster turnaround isn’t just a marketing gimmick anymore. Walk the talk with the Hire Dedicated Developer model.
  7. Dedicated and long-term Support
    When you hire developers for your project from an offshore agency and you relieve them once the project reaches closure, it calls for another set of requirements and that is – maintenance. You can always scale down your required developers or even dismiss the entire crew and hire a bunch of cheaper developers who’d simply assist you with your bugs or other emergencies. You can always count on your offshore agencies for support. After all, you’re hiring!
  8. Cost-effective
    With no rocket-science involved, this model is cost-effective because of all the above-discussed points. It saves more than you could imagine and is the most sustainable model. 
  9. Quicker availability during technical emergencies
    The developers work for you! I do not even have to explain this to you anymore. You know why there is quicker availability – because they are working solely for you! Solve any technical emergencies in a jiffy. So, you are happy and so are your customers. They pay you well and the developers get their due appreciation and amount and they are happy too. In short, everyone’s happy. Can we call this an ideal model already? Thanks!
  10. Your Rules
    All of the above mentioned points boil down to one conclusion – YOU ARE THE BOSS. Yes, you do not need to look up to anyone nor do you have to wait for anyone. Everyone who works for you and on the tasks that you want them to do, the way you want them to do. You set the rules because you run the game. What are you waiting for? Hire Us Already.

Well, folks, that’s not all. Here’s our sales pitch coming in…WHY HIRE FROM ARCHISYS?


Please do not skip because the most interesting part is yet to come.



Yes, we are an India-based offshore development company but what makes our developers unique is that they are different from the heard. How?



  1. They go through training every week
    Our developers are trained by experts and seniors on various fronts ranging from creative aspects to technical aspects and are constantly updated about everything new going on around the globe technically. For them to pursue their interests further, we provide them with free access to Udemy and its various courses.
  2. They follow ‘Design Patterns’
    We believe in structured coding because it helps us tremendously in figuring out any issues and while modifying or making the products integration-friendly. Hence, we train our developers in knowing about different design patterns and practicing them rigorously while working on projects. A clean code results in a cleaner project and we excel at it.
  3. They understand ‘Design Thinking’
    Archisys is an ardent follower of design thinking and has been working on a number of projects’ the design thinking’ way. We let our developers know what we are working on and how we develop ideas out of the most common things with the help of people for whom (end-users and not clients) we are building the app.
  4. They are good at ‘Macro-management’
    We prioritize macro-management over anything. If there’s one thing that our years of experience have taught us then it is this that any project is bound to fail if the people involved in it do not have a bird’s eye view of the entire idea. Most times, applications end up having bugs in them because the developer was simply following orders/tasks assigned to them without knowing the story or the impact of what they’d been developing. At Archisys, this is a no-go. So, macro-management is the only way in.
  5. Language Support
    This might not be a major catch for a lot of you. But there are companies that face issues regarding language while communicating with developers especially in terms of English. We have people behind the scene to take care of it for you by being the mediator between the client and the developer in case any assistance is needed.


In short, we have our own method of working but at the same time are flexible and receptive towards yours keeping in mind what the goal is. Our self-identity is our strongest selling point and we are proud of it.


If you are not happy with what we’ve said then feel free to navigate away. We would still be happy to have known that you read it so far and respected our space. 

But if you are interested in working with us or discussing your idea then do let us know at



Our Services


Hire Mobile App Developers

In mobile app development we are hiring for iOs, iPhone, iPad, Android, swift, Windows, flutter & React native dedicated developers team. 


Hire Frontend Developers

In front-end development we are hiring AngularJS, React JS & Backbone JS dedicated developers team. 


Hire Web Developers

In web development, we are hiring PHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, Cake PHP, Node.js, Epress.js, HTML5 & Python dedicated developers team. 


Hire Microsoft Developers

In Microsoft development we are hiring ASP.NET, C#, Database Expert, Singler & AspDotNet

dedicated developers team. 


Hire DevOps Engineer

In DevOps Engineer we are hiring Jenkins, Jira & Sonarcube Services



Why Hire Us?


Quality Professional 

We provide developers who have worked on this field for years and can handle teams together for you. Our senior developers are senior system architects too!


Macro Management

We believe that having an eagle-eye view of projects is necessary to understand the features and functionalities within the app and we practice what we preach.


Highly Cost-Effective

You do not have to purchase any extra systems or offices to accommodate our developers. They can work from our office, home and even at your place if needed.


Wide Area of Expertise

Select from a long list of decent and dedicated developers in the field you wish to have with the technology you choose to implement. À la carte sounds right!


Complete Security

We provide absolute guarantee of your data and ideas as well as your project in a written pact. We make sure that your trust in us stays intact, no matter what.


Seamless Communication 

We are available on almost all mediums including call, TeamViewer, Skype, etc. whenever we are needed. This makes reaching out to us quite easily. Business Ethics!



Final thoughts on how to hire a reliable team of developers for a startup on your own : 

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to hire a reliable team of developers on your own. You can opt for searching through word of mouth recommendations, exploring the Internet on your own, trying to use the popular freelancer workplaces like Upwork and Freelancer, look on the social media and LinkedIn, go for contracting a Managed Service Provider or reaching out to the participants of various conferences, meetups, and hackathons.

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