How B2B App Helps Grow Repeat Ordering and Overall Sales for B2B Companies

It has been years since the world made its first successful eCommerce transaction and since then the eCommerce model has been revolutionizing the retail world like never before. After witnessing a humongous growth in B2C sales, we are already in the phase where B2B eCommerce sales have picked the market by storm. 

According to Forrester, the U.S. B2B eCommerce sales revenue figure is expected to touch $1.8 trillion by 2023. With this, B2B companies are expecting more than 25% of growth in online sales by 2021.   

Now, what do these trends say to the B2B sellers? 

The B2B eCommerce market has matured and unless you are already leveraging these trends, you might be pushing your business towards stagnancy. According to Google, more than 50% of B2B buyers are millennials, the generation that has grown alongside technology. Today, 73% of millennials are involved in B2B buying decisions. And the primary platform they use to interact with technology is their smartphones. This shows the importance of B2B eCommerce apps for B2B sellers.

Why do B2B Sellers need to Consider Building a Mobile App?

  • Mobile platform accounts for over 34.5% of the total eCommerce sales. 
  • 49% of all B2B buyers use mobile devices to make product research online. 

Moreover, a B2B eCommerce app offers you a long list of benefits from increasing your sales, to getting more repeat orders, to a lot more benefits that will discuss them in detail a little later in this article. 

How B2B Apps Help B2B Sellers Fetch Repeat Orders and Boost Sales?

B2B business sector has evolved significantly over the years and most of the B2B buyers today research for the best sellers and products online. And a significant part of this internet penetration in through mobile devices. This certainly tells you to build your own B2B eCommerce mobile app. 

Now, here is how B2B apps boost your repeat orders and overall sales:

Making Business Millennial-ready

As discussed, today 73% of millennials are involved in B2B purchases and the most effective platform to reach these buyers is through mobile devices. Your B2B eCommerce application makes you millennial-ready as it offers these buyers a convenient way to connect with you. They can check your product catalogue on-the-go through your mobile app, check the prices, stock availability and make orders conveniently and quickly. 

Today, in the millennial-driven market, a B2B mobile app is not just an add-on business promotion platform but a must-have business development platform for your business. And by being millennial-ready you opening doors to new business opportunities and increased sales. 

 Making Repeat Ordering Intuitive

Ever felt that your field sales executive team is investing a humongous amount of their time and efforts just collecting repeat orders from your existing clients?

Well, this is the case with most of the B2B companies! A feature-rich B2B app can help you get more repeat orders without investing many efforts. Your field sales executives would not have to chase your clients desperately for collecting repeat orders. Instead, they can invest more time and efforts in onboarding new customers. 

How a B2B app can get more repeat orders?

Once you have successfully onboarded your clients on your B2B eCommerce app, they have the app installed on their smartphones. So, this app becomes the primary platform where they can go to check their order history, make new orders as well as make repeat orders on-the-go. You can possibly promote customer-specific offers to boost repeat ordering through your app. Your B2B ordering app gives you notification feature, which can be used prudently to keep your customers engaged with any customer-loyalty discount offers and repeat-ordering discounts, etc. This improves your recurring sales strategy automatically by offering visible results. 

Being Available 24×7

Are you still restricting your business availability to a 10 to 12-hour physical operations office? 

A B2B eCommerce application allows your business to display your offerings and accept orders at any time of the day. Your clients or B2B buyers can access your product catalogue and ordering platform from anywhere. This inevitably means better business exposure and round-the-clock business availability, which results in boosted business sales. 

Not to forget, a B2B application also offers you a global exposure where any B2B buyer has access to your product catalogue and he can make orders directly through the app. Your business is not restricted to any physical location or local area. However, you can always choose the areas or cities where you wish to deliver. 

Making B2B-experience Seamless for Buyers 

One of the most prominent benefits of B2B eCommerce application is a convenient purchase experience. A buyer can directly search a product on your app, check its updated stock volume, check its price, find the latest model, select the number of units and place his order through the app itself. On the contrary, in the traditional B2B retail model, the buyer has to connect with a sales executive for all this information. 

The buyer has individual access to his account where he can take a look at his order history, create his list of favourites and make repeat orders. With this, he can take a look at previous invoices and track his order conveniently. This certainly means better customer service experience as well. 

Moreover, a B2B application acts as a supplement to your traditional sales channels that includes an eCommerce website, mobile ordering for sales representatives, orders through social channels, etc. Your customers get the flexibility to order from their preferred platform conveniently. This generally makes up for more orders and increased sales. 

Improved Marketing Opportunities

Your B2B app allows you to reach out to a larger client base and also employ digital marketing channels. You can easily promote various discount offers, boost customer engagement, promote new product offerings, roll-out customer-specific offers, etc. With this, you can give your customers access to your marketing collaterals like guides, blogs, social media feeds, videos, etc. 

Owing to the handy nature of mobile devices, even having your app icon on your clients’ mobile screens keeps your business at the forefront of their minds. 

Summing Up

As with the growth of B2B eCommerce sales and increased internet penetration through mobile devices, if you are reluctant at leveraging B2B app platforms, you might be delaying your B2B business success. On the other end, choosing the right B2B app platform helps you ease the onboarding process and deliver a seamless experience to the users. 

If you wish to consult more on the features of a B2B app or grow your B2B business through a feature-rich B2B eCommerce app, feel free to connect with us. 

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