How to Hire Developers: Dedicated vs In-House Hiring Model

Authored by Parth Parekh on January 21, 2020

The above question of how to hire developers is in itself proof that disruption is around the corner. But to choose between hiring a dedicated team or an in-house team is more of a dilemma that will be simplified for you within this blog.

Since there are not enough choices for clients, clients preferred to outsource their complete app project to development companies that charge them as per their convenience as customers are not aware of domain and process of how its working and what it should be next to the pipeline.

> According to Statista, around $288 billion spent globally for IT outsourcing services that include mobile app development to websites, software and other IT related things.

> however, according to another survey agency Deloitte, 53% of businesses outsource their IT functions.

> also, small businesses invest 6.1% of their IT budget in IT outsourcing, while mid-sized firms invest 4.6% and large-sized enterprise businesses invest 7.4% for the same.

By observing the above statistics and rest of market analysis you may find one similar pattern that whether it’s a small scale business or an enterprise-level business, everyone is investing 5–15% to outsourcing their IT services.

Understanding different Software Development Models

There are three development methods that you should know if you plan to or are thinking to outsource your IT services.

Fixed Scope Model

This fix scope model will help those who have a fixed scope that won’t change for at least a decent amount of time. Here development Companies who work on the Scope model will expect all the proper documentation of the app and will not allow you to do the new development or modify existing one until and unless the scope they’ve finalized gets completed.


> Less Financial Risk; You can put budget limit when you have fix scope to work on
> Less time engagement with the developers to describe your tasks
> No task management needed
> Easy to follow up with the developers


> You have to invest in the best brains to prepare the scope of work & plans which involve manpower and time as well
> It’s hard to modify the scope once it on the floor to develop
> Inflexible process: once you sign off with the project you can not change or modified the tasks
> Not suitable for the complex tasks as its scope may change frequently

Hourly Base Model

This model will work perfectly for those who have a dynamic app that will keep changing as per user requirements and iterations. Here they will work as you say and as per your billing period they’ll share their worklog or timesheet to you. You’ll validate it and pay them accordingly.


> Transparency: since its hourly base model you constantly have an eye of progress and deliverables
> The nature of the model is hourly so you don’t need to provide a detailed scope of the document to start your project.
> At the time of development, you can be modified or update the scope anytime
> Prioritize task: you can easily ask the developer to pick up a task as per your need.


> Since its hourly base model developer will work accordingly your requirement it’s hard to maintain the Deadlines
> It requires deep Involvement as you have to make certain decisions as the progress goes so if you have limited time period it won’t work for you
> Scope of work is not defined you only have to work on the estimated cost and that too increase as the need of hour gets changed so you never figure out the final cost & time
> Project Management: you might face some management issues when you work with more than 10–15 developers simultaneously.

Dedicated developer model

Since some time Hire dedicated developers or hire dedicated teams is increasing rapidly since it is very viable for the clients and development companies as well. In the HDD model, the Client gets to choose developers as per their Skill Sets & knowledge. They will work as or along with your team at onsite as well as offsite.


> You’ll have the advantage to select resources from the pool of Skilled, Trained, and reliable resources for your project.
> You can always modify the size of resource as per your need
> It saves you a lot of valuable time, resources and money because when you have an in-house team, you have to infuse time and money to nurture talent from scratch and maintain the quality standard as you need which is not advisable at all.
> Allocated Individual or team solely work only on your project which increases higher ROI and Deliverables
> As you know each stage and progress you have a bird’s eye view of the project.
> The collaboration of your internal and dedicated developers or team will get you results in more coordinated actions.
> Acquire more keen domain expertise
> Anytime you can accelerate and scale up your business when it’s needed
> You can bring them to work on your terms & conditions
> The choice to select whether your resource or team can work onsite or offsite
> Highly efficient, trained and experienced project manager to make sure that the efficiency and the delivery increase constantly.


> Selection of resource may take time; If you want to ensure that the candidates you are looking must be talent and skillful enough working individually or with the team then you must invest some time to extract the Perfect resource for your project
> Not suggested when you have to hire them for a short time or small scale project as its required proper planning for tasks and scopes
> You have to constantly work or planning for the future task and create enough backlog to Make sure your Resource gets continuously workflow to gain higher ROI

“I got your point but why is hiring dedicated developers the best choice?”

Once a wise man said ‘When you can hire the chef why buy the restaurant?’ Because why not? Skilled developers are high maintenance and super-pricey. They would also need an advanced system as well as a space of their own and all of this for what? Building an app. This might be something that you can afford but then is it wise to do so if you have a better alternative?

Hire the best without preparing for the worst because we are there to take care of that for you. Get a developer who works exclusively for you with a system and an office we provide. Save on everything and spend it on developing… your business.

The best part is that you do not even have to spend on an office space or technologies required for them to perform. It’s on the house!

Understanding different Dedicated Resource Teams

Extended Team

A team of expert developers to support your niche team till the completion of your project or till the desired time limit.

Manage Dedicated Team

Hire a dedicated team of developers along with an experienced leader to guide them according to your requirements.

Onsite Dedicated Team

A team of expert experienced and dedicated developers on hire within India and across countries like UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Australia and more.

Product Development Team

A dedicated team/s entirely available on hire for the completion of your project at our office or your site depending on your requirements.

Ok, but what is so special about archisys offers? What’s the icing on the cake?

Benefits of hiring dedicated developers

Flexible Hiring Models

If you think our model isn’t flexible then you’re wrong. Scale up or scale down your requirements whenever required.

Expansion and Management

Scale your team by hiring our developers to work along with yours. Hire agile project managers, architects, and leads.

Strict NDA Terms

Do not worry about the security of your ideas when you are working with us. Everything is strictly confidential.

Highly Skilled Individuals and Teams

Our developers have worked on this field for years and can mix with your team as well as lead one for you.

Quality Assurance

Our developers are regularly trained in work logs, patterns, and agile processes such as user stories, tasks, and work-logs.


When it comes to reporting and status we have introduced a standard process of reporting so you always up to date with day to day work and progress

Now you have gone through factual comparison by considering the above points with the rest of two development models; fix the scope and hourly base, ask yourself to get lost in thought whether Hire dedicated developers give you a driving seat or passenger seat to your success journey.

More Technology Options

Our resources stay updated and are equipped with the latest technologies. Most of them are trained in ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Problem Solving’ so that they can understand the soul (crux) of what they are developing. This unique quality of ours is what makes our resources special. Take a moment and find which of the following service you might need,

High Frontend Developer

> Hire Android Developers
> Hire iPhone Developers
> Hire iPad Developers
> Hire iOS Developers
> Hire Flutter Developers
> Hire Swift Developers
> Hire Windows Developers
> Hire React Native Developers

Hire Web Developers

Hire Microsoft Developers

Hire Dedicated DevOps Engineer

 “I got all the information but most importantly what’s your approach?”

Our Approach

hire developers our approach cover

We can’t say yes until and unless we go through the first round of meeting with you because we won’t work on the assumption we have certain processes to identify how much developers required for a certain amount of tasks so that we deliver for what we know for — High-Quality Work & Dedicated Developers.

Archisys was formed with a belief that the next-gen/genx revolution is going to be through technology and we aim at being the backbone of this movement. That is why we are in the business of providing continuous development to companies that aim at disrupting the old ways and are in the process of constantly simplifying lives through technology.

Since the marketplace is our primary target as well as forte, we provide dedicated resources to our clients in order for them to cater to the changing needs of their customer base.


The world is shifting towards the subscription model. The services rendered will only have to be paid until they are required. The world of Digital Transformation is evolving faster than ever and any company that does not have the technological edge will soon be thrown out. So, if you haven’t partnered with a development company then now is the time to. Better late than never!

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