Last-mile Delivery Software: Must-Have Features

Authored by chintan on December 8, 2020

2020 has been an unpredictable business year and we are all set to enter the year 2021 with great hopes. Of the few good things that shaped 2020, growth of digitization and online shopping has drawn significant attention from new eCommerce businesses. Along with the rise of online shopping, a report says, today the smart shoppers value customer experience more than ever before. And with the increased focus on customer experience, new startups and courier companies have started offering last-mile delivery as a service.  

Most of the eCommerce businesses who currently leverage last-mile delivery services, consider it as a must-have service rather than an added option. Last-mile delivery services don’t just make the delivery process seamless but help the customers and eCommerce managers stay informed throughout the delivery process. The service allows the eCommerce businesses to step up in their game and stay ahead of their competition. A report says, the last-mile delivery market is expected to grow with an estimated CAGR of 10.2% and reach USD 61,573 million by 2025. 

Thanks to last-mile delivery software that has made LMD services managed and efficient. So, if you wish to start your new LMD services and are looking for the right last-mile delivery software, the step ahead is to understand the essential features of an LMD software.

Must-have Features of an Ideal Last-mile Delivery Software

Route Optimization Feature

A last-mile delivery software is integrated with an accurate Rate Optimization feature that helps the driver find the shortest/fastest route to a destination. Further, the software offers real-time route updates to the driver about last-minute route customizations. This feature reduces the efforts, time and cost of operations. Moreover, it eliminates some inaccuracies in the delivery process due to closed or faulty routes.

Real-time Tracking Feature

Another essential feature that introduces accuracy to the LMD process is the Real-time Tracking feature.

  • It keeps the customer notified about the real-time updates of the shipment and actually track the entire shipment process.
  • The customer is priorly informed about the delivery date and the delivery person.
  • Real-time tracking helps the customer receive notifications regarding any delays in the delivery.
  • The customer can also utilize the contact information of the delivery agent to connect with him in case of any query or delay.
  • The owner is also able to track the delivery person and package.
  • He can keep a check on the productivity of his staff.

The real-time tracking feature of last-mile delivery software makes the entire process transparent and minimizes the chances of any spoilage or pilferage.

Automated Task Allocation Feature

An LMD software is made to dwindle the inefficiencies in manual delivery process and make the process faster. An essential feature is Automated Task Allocation, which summons automation into the picture. In coordination with the real-time tracking feature, this feature automates the task allocation process by allocating the right delivery task to the right delivery personnel at the right time. The automated task allocation boosts productivity, efficiency and reduces operations cost.    

Integrated Delivery Detail

The Integrated Delivery Detail feature ensures a managed delivery process by capturing and storing various delivery related details like photos, notes, and in-app signatures. The app allows barcode processing and saving the delivery details for records. This further minimizes the manual documentation and eliminates the chances of any loopholes in the delivery management process.

Key Metrics and Analytics Feature

A feature-rich last-mile delivery software also offers a comprehensive look at all the key metrics of your services. You can take a look at the delivery success rates, total distance travelled, service times, and the number of on-time deliveries. The feedback from customers can be checked and you can analyze your overall service performance. With this, the owner can scrutinize the individual performance of his delivery personnel and optimise the services. 

Proof of Delivery/ Signature Feature

An LMD software/app comes integrated with proof of delivery or e-signature feature that helps collect e-signatures from recipients and store proof of delivery. It eliminates manual documentation while making the delivery process managed.

Earnings and Incentives

Your last-mile delivery software is end-to-end support for your LMD services. The software tracks the individual number of work hours for your employees and calculates their earnings accurately. With this, the incentives are also calculated based on the number of extra deliveries and extra work hours. It makes salary management seamless for the owner, and they can invest their efforts towards business growth. 

Dynamic Billing

A comprehensive LMD software also offers a dynamic billing feature. The software calculates the total number of working hours, distance travelled, and the operations cost per delivery. Now, it uses this information to calculate and generate the weekly/monthly billing dynamically. A service provider can send this billing to their clients and keep the payment management process smooth.

Leaves and Availability

In coordination with the real-time tracking feature, the last-mile delivery software can automatically track the availability of the delivery personnel and allocate tasks accordingly. Moreover, the software manages the leaves and attendance of the delivery personnel and other staff members. These inputs further help in calculating the earnings and incentives. 

Dashboard for Strength Planning

An ideal LMD software is more than just a business processing software, but you can plan your business performance and optimize it. The dashboard feature of the app offers you various key metrics that can help you scrutinize the inefficiencies in your operations and eliminate them. Some of these key metrics include:

  • Estimated time vs actual service time for a delivery
  • Number of orders to field staff ratio
  • Average no. of orders completed per delivery personnel
  • Rush hours of the day
  • Availability of the staff per area
  • Number of successful deliveries to total delivery tasks ratio

With a comprehensive dashboard displaying various key metrics, the owner can plan his business strength areas and optimize the overall performance and business profits prudently. 

In Conclusion

Ecommerce businesses have already geared up to integrate their delivery processes with last-mile delivery services. And new startups and courier services have started cashing upon the opportunity by adding LMD to their list of service offerings. This has instigated the need for feature-rich last-mile delivery software. 

Be it streamlined delivery processes, enhanced customer experience, or increased business profits, a functional LMD software summons an extensive list of perks for logistics and eCommerce companies. However, choosing the right LMD software can be a challenge, especially when you have been following a traditional business management model for a long time. 

Fret not! Our expert LMD software consultants can help you choose and customize the best LMD software for your startup or established courier company. Plus, we are always there for assistance. Connect with us today. 

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