Readymade applications for all the essential services

Tailored to suit your needs during the Pandemic and after.

Contactless Delivery Apps

Deliver all the essential items at your customer’s doorstep in a safe and secure way.


Ordering and Pickup Apps

Apps that help your customers to order and pay online and pick up later in a safe way.


Online Learning Apps

Apps that help teachers connect with their students online through videos and other tools.


VoD Apps (Video on Demand)

People are ready to learn all that they wanted since they have time now, feed them right away.


Freelance Marketplace Apps

Marketplace platforms where people can find skilled freelancers for their requirements.

We provide ready-to-use eCommerce solutions

So that you can get your business up and running within a week!

Technology Stacks

Mobile Technologies

Web and Cloud servers
Payment Gateways
Messaging Service
Backend Technologies
Database engines
Do not spend time looking for tools when the war comes knocking at your door.


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