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Readymade applications for all the essential services

Tailored to suit your needs during the Pandemic and after.

Contactless Delivery Apps

Deliver all the essential items at your customer’s doorstep in a safe and secure way.


Ordering and Pickup Apps

Apps that help your customers to order and pay online and pick up later in a safe way.


Online Learning Apps

Apps that help teachers connect with their students online through videos and other tools.


VoD Apps (Video on Demand)

People are ready to learn all that they wanted since they have time now, feed them right away.


Freelance Marketplace Apps

Marketplace platforms where people can find skilled freelancers for their requirements.

We provide ready-to-use eCommerce solutions

So that you can get your business up and running within a week!

Technology Stacks

Mobile Technologies

Web and Cloud servers
Payment Gateways
Messaging Service
Backend Technologies
Database engines
Do not spend time looking for tools when the war comes knocking at your door.



Asked Questions

Creating a website does almost half the presales work for you. First of all your online customers get to know all the products that you have and can always come to you whenever required. The other important thing is that it also brings in a lot of new customers as well because they get to know that you have the items they are looking for.
The website is to let online customers know that you have the items they are looking for and the app service is to make them loyal to your store because you are not only providing them with an app to make purchases directly but also helping them make healthier and time-saving choices by providing them with scheduled pickup, contactless delivery, and safer payment options during the coronavirus pandemic and after that as well.
If you do not have a secure website then your customer and vendor data can be easily stolen by hackers who would sell them to third-parties and even your competitors. There are monetary risks as well. If you are working with Archisys then you do not have to worry about any of those problems. Our DevOps experts will not only secure your site but also make sure that any such attacks are tracked. We provide complete solutions for your online business.
Marketplace apps come in varying degrees. Some of them are quite simple that they only accommodate customer and just selling of products and some can be quite complex with different logins for customers, vendors, sellers, etc. It also depends on the features and constant rollouts an app might have. Most successful eCommerce businesses have been successful because they keep on A/B testing new features and releases. Hence, it entirely depends on the model you select.
An eCommerce app can take anywhere from 1 week to 10 months to develop. We provide readymade eCommerce solutions that you can get in a week’s time and start doing business directly. We also build complex marketplace apps that can take 8 to 10 months to build but can handle billion-dollar businesses as well, custom-made to suit the likings of their customers.
Archisys has years of experience in building marketplace apps and will always help you with an MVP first. MVP is a Minimum ‘Viable’ Product. Your idea would be a solution that can help people, right? So, we begin with defining your idea and coming up with a basic model that holds your idea into the market. We modify it till it’s accepted by your customers. Then we begin with modifications and making the app even better. This way your validation comes not from suppositions but from your users.
Archisys has been creating online solutions for a long time and the first step we take is to build an MVP i.e Minimum ‘Viable’ Product. We begin by defining your idea and creating a user story out of it. This user story will be used to create tasks for both the developers and the DevOps team while they work together to give you your first release. Later on, based on the actual market research we keep modifying the app until it becomes the sensation it has to be.
We love coding; each one of us. We do not hire, we multiply. It’s an organization filled with like-minded people with the same hearts and the same soul. That is why when we say that we provide online solutions, we mean it because they actually solve your problems. We code because we care!
Our engagement model is very flexible! This means that our development teams and resource will assist you further depending upon the type of changes you need in your app.
India is one of the cheapest places for software development mainly due to the population and our low cost of living. This might lead to quality-lags but that’s not the case with everyone. It is also a hub of technological expertise where brain-drain occurs in a large proportion. There are some of us who wish to change the world from our own oyster and we believe that with your support, we can.
We have project managers to take care of your requirements. The project manager will communicate with the developer, convey your requirements, and make it easy for them and you by converting your requirements into tasks. In case you wish to directly talk with the hired developer, you can directly contact them through Email, Skype, Teamviewer, and Phone Call.
As long as you want us to! We have always helped our clients with all the changes they have wanted in their apps. Of course, we charge for the services we provide. But when it comes to marketplace applications we also provide subscription models as well wherein you can subscribe for a backend app instead of spending money time and again to make changes to your business model. Do not worry about the money; prioritise your business first with Archisys.

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