Get Your E-Commerce Marketplace Solution in a Week

Quickly create and roll out your own custom E-commerce marketplace solution that support your business

Get Your E-Commerce Marketplace Solution in a Week

digital marketplace solution for b2b, b2c

With our tailored solutions for your customers, drivers, and employees, you can get your online business up and running within a week with all the features you would need to beat the coronavirus pandemic by integrating them with a powerful backend module where you can control every part of your business remotely.

We are here to help you deliver groceries, food, stationery, and other sundries to your customers as soon as possible because if you are brave enough to take risks in order to help your community in need, we will strive equally hard to get what you need as soon as possible.

The fastest way to finding a solution is through Archisys.

The Rising Need for Marketplace Apps

The Rising Need for Marketplace Apps

Until 2020 a lot of local shops had the privilege of having a loyal customer base that would purchase items from them on a regular basis. This, along with their own resistance towards digital transformation and adoption.

The pandemic has changed the scenario for everyone, making people realize that the world has to be digitally ready even to fight a global outbreak.

In times like these, Archisys is ready with its own set of tools so that we can help businesses with urgent needs to go online since it helps both, businesses and their customers alike.

Single Seller Platform

Single Seller Platform

A platform dedicated to selling your own products to your customers with the aim to reach out to as many customers as possible with a personalized experience for each and every one of them.

Multi-Seller Platform

Multi-Seller Platform

A platform that caters to the needs of all the sellers who wish to sell their products after being verified thoroughly by your team, dedicated to providing all the customers with what they want.

Readymade applications for all the essential services

Contactless Delivery Apps

Deliver all the essential items at your customer’s doorstep in a safe and secure way.

Ordering and Pickup Apps

Apps that help your customers to order and pay online and pick up later in a safe way.

Online Learning Apps

Apps that help teachers connect with their students online through videos and other tools.

VoD Apps (Video on Demand)

People are ready to learn all that they wanted since they have time now, feed them right away.

Freelance Marketplace Apps

Marketplace platforms where people can find skilled freelancers for their requirements.

We provide ready-to-use eCommerce solutions

Complete Inventory Management Solution

Add, remove, or manage all your stocks, items, and products according to various categories so that you can know what your customers want and help them place orders instantly.

User and Role Management Solution

Add, remove, or manage all your customers, vendors, employees, and contacts from one place and give them access to different functionalities within your organization accordingly.

Readymade Order Management Solution

Help your customers place, track, modify, and manage their orders in a jiffy while keeping a tab on your existing stock and upcoming orders through your own backend system.

Vendor and Seller Management Solution

Invite all your vendors to your business by giving them access to their backend modules where they can manage theirorder lists and make it easy for them to meet their demands.

Wallets and Payment Gateway Solutions

We provide usable wallets for your customers to manage money and integrable payment gateways for them to make cashless payments for safer transactions during COVID.

Multiple and Private Marketplace Solutions

Invite vendors to sell their products online through your common platform or create a private marketplace where you can invite both sellers and buyers to do their business.

Hire Expert Shopify Developers

Hire our experienced, qualified, and well trained  Shopify Web Developers for your custom website, extension, or theme development, and design implementations

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