Ronald McDonald versus the Grocery Delivery Apps

Authored by Chitral Jain on April 16, 2020

Ronald McDonald, the world-famous clown who sits outside every McDonald’s Outlet might be the only model in human history who could make an empire with a painted face and a potbelly. Even Hugh Hefner had to rope in women in order to be rich and yet here’s a clown who sits outside his outlets, mostly alone but never broke!


What the lockdown has done to the immortal clown is that it has almost changed the poles of his money-sucking magnet and this is the case with all his peers and competitors as well.


People who’d binged all their life on fast foods are being forced to eat healthy with no other option in hand. This is quite positive, guys. But the problem is that with most of us being locked inside our homes, we have started binge-eating things. The purchase of packs of chips, sodas, and other packaged foods have exceeded should more than ever. Thanks to the cut-down in transportation that the easiest person to approach for food is our greengrocer. Panic and rumours have almost stopped us from buying packaged food as well.


This doesn’t mean that buying groceries has become any easy. Since everyone needs groceries right now, this rising demand has also brought scarcity in items and more the scarcity, more the panic buying. The longer a person stays outside, higher is the risk of them being affected by this deadly COVID-19 disease. It’s being called a pandemic for a reason!


While we are constantly thanking doctors, sanitary workers, municipal workers, cops, farmers, and other field staff, we forget to thank another thing that helps us all, i.e. ‘Technology’.


Just because our delivery apps have failed us, we have started questioning the relevance of technology. It isn’t technology that has failed but the old business idea. Tech is always there to help you in every way it can. In fact, a lot of us are still able to connect with our loved ones because of all the apps in the market.


The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected only delivery apps and not the sale in groceries. If you try to check out the sales of groceries through apps then you would see that it has increased by more than 100% in developed nations like the U.S. With most malls going out of stock due to the panic-buying of most household items, people have opted for contactless doorstep delivery of household items and groceries.


Refer to this BLOG by the GOOD COMPANY to know the statistical data asserting my claim.


These apps are helping millions of people across the globe and a smart app can help your neighbourhood as well.


Technology has no limits and so does the human mind. There will soon be a time when the lonely clown who simply sits and poses for selfies will start interacting with us. Alexa and Siri are already on it already!


Stay safe and eat healthily. I understand that you are trying to curb your craving for some fast food and so am I. 


But as long as you are there at home, let’s make an app they cannot refuse.

Let's make a

with the hope that it lasts forever

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