Mobile Apps that Boost Employee Morale

Authored by chintan on February 23, 2018


Recognizing and Rewarding employees not only boost morale but makes them a highly productive and loyal team man. Gone are the days when employees were motivated by keeping their picture framed on the wall as employee of the month. Now, businesses opt for a modern approach of using an app to boost employee morale.


These are the six best employee recognition apps that are cost effective and beneficial to use.



(Free: I phone, Blackberry and Android)

O.C Tanner, an 85 year old company well known for its products that recognizes and rewards employees morale released iAppreciate that allows businesses to celebrate employee achievements, appreciate their efforts and reward them accordingly. Beside this, the app also allows the employees to motivate each other through inspirational messages.



(Android, iOS Smartphone and tablets)

an app all the way from San Francisco based company Achievers makes the employee gather all the points and then apply towards gifts cards and even exciting trips. Beside this, the employee can also give away their recognized rewards in their favorite charity.



(Android, iOS)

Through a Terryberry bulletin board platform, employers and employees can use the GiveAWow app to give virtual high-fives and sing one another praises on social networks. The bulletin board’s point system enables employees to earn credit toward Billboard digital music downloads.


Employee Appraisals

(99cents; IOS)

from software developer Seann Hicks comes a performance appraisal app designed to encourage continuous employee feedback. Employers can track goals, accomplishments, and performance, and share praise via email. Data can be exported, too.


Globoforce Mobile

(Free; IOS)

an app completely developed by Globoforce Ltd, Globoforce Mobile is a complete app to recognize and boost employee morale. The app lets you nominate colleagues for awards, approve pending nominations, awards, redeem awards, congratulate via social networks all in a safe and secure environment.


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