NodeJS Development Service

Node.JS Development Service

We take pride in ourselves for embracing the technology of the future i.e. NodeJS. Taking challenging roles when it comes to technology is in our psyche. We have industry's some of the best JavaScript developers who volunteered to jump into these unknown waters when we thought of embracing this new technology.

What is Node.JS?

It is an event-driven server side Javascript development environment for highly scalable network and applications in real time. The best thing about this is tha it is a lightweight platform which makes it very fast when it comes to using Node.JS for development and deployment.

Node.JS development is for every business out there (well, more or less), but if you are a start-up, there could not be a platform better than this one. That’s because with suitable apps, a node js developer can help you scale quickly, ensuring that you do not have a hard time coping with the influx of users, as you grow. Even we can use PHP but the ability of Node.JS being able to handle lots of connections, it has very much more than that.

Some of the very good features of Node.JS include:

  • Node.JS deals with API or real time web socket programming.
  • You can create Amazing & Rich web applications using Node.JS.
  • One of the biggest advantages of node.js is the low level API.
  • It has rich set of community driven open source modules.
  • Everything in node.js is open source making it easier to replicate.


Some of the benefits of using Node.JS for development:

  • Easy to install and execute locally
  • Node.JS is extremely inexpensive to test and deploy using Pay as You Grow services
  • It is relatively easy to develop software real-time systems
  • Very much scalable due to asynchronous and event-driven processing
  • It is very fast, also containing very speedy native bindings(C)
  • An important feature, universality: in Node.JS the code is written in one language, but can be run on multiple platforms which makes it        different from other open source technologies.
  • It has comparatively high performance: Node.JS distributes a small heap per connection, comparing to other server side solutions,        which usually create a big thread for each incoming connection and slow down the performance.
  • You get amazing performance for HTTP and TCP protocols
  • You also get shorter parsing time.
  • There is very tight coupling between client and server: the ability to design the client and server sides in a way that doesn't require        flipping back and forth between multiple technologies
  • Vey much compatible with cloud scalability: possibility to scale up and down as needed to allocate power during rush hours and to        save money and resources when the usage is low
  • Node.JS services are lightweight and easy to modify.
  • There are many available packages and extensions

You can use Node.JS to develop scalable mobile and web applications with limited technical requirements. Our Node.JS outsourced software development team will save you time and money for your business by providing an efficient and scalable solution.

Need your next web/mobile app built using Node.JS? Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you withing 24 hours.

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