OK: Organic Marketplace

OK is Marketplace for Organic Farm Produces where a farmer can add their crops with step by step progress status and buyer buy crop by reviewing crop history, here farmers can learn many more things about farming & selling.

OK: Organic Marketplace

About Project information

OKGreens, is an “fair-trade” eCommerce channel, exclusive for all Organic and Natural Items. Cooperated by Farmers and Social Enthusiast to purchase and supply the food and farm items in urban. Consumer shall know, the “real value” (not only price) of the food, the process of its cultivation and handling.

Project Brief

Project Brief

Consult, Design, and Develop an app that connects Supplier and Consumer in the idea and concept of OKGreens movement

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Create an Ecosystem and a Platform that can support the massive coverage the company wants to target.

Some of Key Challeges are

  • Market Research about the root cause of Organic buying mentality
  • Create a versatile platform where each and every organic grower, producers, and suppliers can sell
  • Interviewing and understand Buyers problem while buying and choosing organic products
  • create a hassle-free platform for everyone

Solution we provided

Digital Marketplace Solution

Artis, Our ready to use platform that caters to the needs of all the sellers who wish to sell their products after being verified on the platform, dedicated to providing all the customers with what they want.

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Digital Marketplace Solution
Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Seller and Buyer mobile application, built in Flutter and works with roles in mind.

Android & IOS


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Service Prodvided

Technologies Used

Rabbit MQ
Postgre SQL
Google Map

App Workflow

OK Green Project User interface design

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