On Demand Delivery Apps for Online Grocery

Get your on-demand delivery app for online grocery and pick up services within a week without having to compromise on the quality or the necessary features needed for your business model.

On Demand Delivery Apps for Online Grocery
Why is Archisys the best for online grocery delivery app development ?

Why is Archisys the best for online grocery delivery app development ?

With our integrable solutions, you can get your grocery business up and running within a week with all the features your customers would need to beat the coronavirus pandemic.

We are here to help you deliver the necessary items as soon as possible. If you are brave enough to take risks in order to help your community in need, we will strive equally hard to get what you need as soon as possible.

The fastest way to finding a solution is through Archisys.

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User Research for Design Thinking

User Research for Design Thinking

User Interview:

People from different wakes of life with access to a smartphone were interrogated to know if they preferred buying their groceries from local vendors or from an application. This was to create different personas for the initial phase of the grocery app. The questions later were directed towards people who were comfortable buying groceries online and the pains that they had while ordering through a website or an app.

Questions asked:

  • Would you prefer to go to a local vendor or order online?
  • Does your local vendor support digital payment?
  • Do you have a grocery list that you buy at regular intervals?
  • What’s the most frustrating thing about ordering groceries online?
  • How confident are you about paying digitally?
  • Do you prefer payment via COD, Cards, or online wallets?
  • How easy is it for you to find your required items through apps?

Other Non-Technical Pains shared

  • The inability to select items on their own
  • Unavailability of items during checkout
  • Trust factor (Where do they procure items from?)
  • The lack of instant support for the order
  • Delivery fees and price variations during checkout
  • Unavailability of required timeslots
  • Too many processes before and after selecting items

Other Non-Technical Pains shared
Defining and Ideation

Defining and Ideation

The next important thing to do after we got the answers was to compile them in such a way that the product in hand became the connecting dot. That way we would have an app that addresses all their pains.

But to do so, we had to define all the people as well as their problems first to know if the problems they’d mentioned were genuine enough to be worked on or were the result of their own assumptions or lack of knowledge.

Once defined, it became easy for us to find out ways in which we could create a genuine app and make our clients know how to tackle the existing issues.

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