How We Helped Sudh Build On-demand Grocery Mobile App in 2 Weeks

How We Helped Sudh Build On-demand Grocery Mobile App in 2 Weeks


Sudh approached Archisys with his idea to build an on-demand grocery mobile app. He wished to leverage the proliferating demand for organic grocery online with a multi-vendor mobile app that is hyper-local.

Moreover, he required cross-platform app development for the app to work on both iOS and Android platforms.

Technology and Project Attributes:


Consumers, Delivery Staff, Admin, App Executives

Engagement Model

SAAS Service


2 Week


iOS & Android Mobile App


Multi-vendor On-demand Grocery


Artis Platform (Archisys), Flutter, .NET Core



  • The entrepreneur wanted the app to work on the value creation model, where he could attract consumers as well as sellers. And therefore, he wanted the app’s design to be customized according to the project’s theme and exude trust.
  • The project scope required the creation of 3 different sets of functionalities for 3 different types of users – Consumers (Front-end), Delivery Staff (Backend), and Admin (Backend).
  • The admin also required multi-level access for app executives who enrol vendors, manage the app, and report to the admin.
  • The app scope also highlighted the use of dynamic search and various category filters to enhance users’ shopping experience.
  • The app required a dependable payment module that could allow one-click payment.
  • The developers had to make sure that the admin receives an intuitive dashboard and doesn’t get overwhelmed with managing various features.


Engaging Design for Multiple Users

Engaging Design for Multiple Users

  • The app designers at Archisys defined a modern and engaging design for the multi-vendor grocery app. Moreover, they used a crisp colour theme to exude trust and make each element more comprehensible.
  • The mobile app was developed with 3 different access & authorization panels for the 3 different types of users (Consumers, Delivery Staff, and Admin). Moreover, each type of app user got their specific set of features.

Specific Features for The Users

  • The consumers could search, place orders, refer & earn, get discounts, track deliveries, make payments, submit feedback, contact support, book returns, etc.
  • The delivery staff could manage the deliveries, update status, track locations, and manage delivery records.
  • To reduce cart abandonment and improve conversions, the admin can manage discounts & offers, send push notifications, and advertise on the platform.

Specific Features for The Users
Guided Backend

Guided Backend

  • The developers developed a comprehensive and guided backend for the admin to manage the users, content on the app, payments, support queries, return requests, delivery status, invoice, etc.
  • The admin decided the access he gave to the app executives for managing the app.

Robust App Development

  • The developers also integrated popular & robust payment gateways and wallets into the mobile app.
  • Owing to the extensive project scope, we deployed simultaneous testing to meet the timelines and avoid any significant rework.

Robust App Development

On Demand Grocery App Solution

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