How We Built an Efficient Bidding Management Portal for Biotech in 100 Days

How We Built an Efficient Bidding Management Portal for Biotech in 100 Days


Biotech, a leading pharmaceutical firm, found Archisys as a reference from their business partner. And the company connected with Archisys to help them build custom bidding management software.

The company wished to streamline their growing bidding management responsibilities through this portal.

Whether it is about managing the tenders for consignment porting or buying raw materials, the company wished to increase the efficiency of these operations.

Technology and Project Attributes:


Procurement Team, Admin

Engagement Model

Fixed Price Model


3.5 months


Web-based Software


Bidding Management Software


PHP, MySQL, Apache Server



  • The client wanted the bidding portal to offer a significant amount of scalability and customization support to use the same software for various types of procurement activities.
  • The project scope of the portal also lists an intuitive admin panel with several ‘drag & drop’ customization features.
  • The UI/UX of the portal was to be kept crisp, with most of the features placed as quick links on the main page itself.
  • The bidding management portal also required a repository to track data and applications for future reference.


Scalable and Customized Portal

Scalable and Customized Portal

The developers at Archisys crafted a particularly scalable bidding management portal using PHP and MySQL. The software was also made fully customizable, and the client can add new types of forms and fields based on the business requirements.

Crisp Design

A crisp and functional design theme was followed for the bidding management software. The side-bar navigation had most of the required features and tabs. Moreover, navigation was further made easy with the help of quick links.

Crisp Design
Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

  • The procurement team can easily float tender opportunities to the vendors. And as the vendors bid through the shared link, their bid data is captured in the bidding management portal. 
  • The admin panel featured various drag & drop customization features, and the admin can customize the fields without any assistance.

Seamless Functionality

  • The procurement team can sort through the type of activities, type of vendors, create an L1, and award the tenders based on the data easily.
  • All the data captured by the portal is stored in its repository in a synchronized format so the users can sort it with ease.

Seamless Functionality

Pharamaceutical Bidding Management Portal

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