How We Helped Biotech Build a License Management Portal in 60 Days

How We Helped Biotech Build a License Management Portal in 60 Days


Biotech, a renowned pharmaceutical company, contacted us for building their licencing & task management application.

The company is one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices and implants. And it has been facing a challenge with the licencing management tasks for its offerings (devices and implants).

This challenge escalated with their increased number of offerings. The offerings go through rigorous testing and investigation processes by various medical boards and ministries of different countries before they get the license for sales in these countries.

So the company wished to create a web application where they can manage all the licencing related requests and tasks in a well-managed and productive way.

Technology and Project Attributes:


CMD, Branch Head, Legal Team Task Manager, Task Executives, Admin


2.5 months


Licensing and Task Management Tool


PHP, MySQL, Apache Server

Engagement Model

Fixed Price Model


Web-based Software



  • The client wanted an exceptionally intuitive interface that could help them make the whole license management process efficient.
  • Owing to the huge no. of inventory, the client wanted a more versatile solution than a general task manager.
  • The project scope required the developers to create individual access for 5 types of users (CMD, Branch Head, Legal Team Task Manager, Task Executives, and Admin).
  • The developers also had to make sure that the CMD was at the centre of all the legal approvals.


Crisp & Functional Design

Crisp & Functional Design

  • The developers utilized PHP to custom develop a web-based task management software for the client. They followed a tab-based design so the users can intuitively use the platform. Moreover, the software features high scalability to support the company’s growth over time.

5 Types of Users

Following the project scope, developers built different access panels for the 5 types of users.

1. The Branch Head coordinates with the distributor. And based on his information, the Brand Head sends document requests to the CMD.

2. The CMD can reject and approve the requests from the Branch Head. And only on his approval, the requests reach the Legal Team Task Managers.

3. The Legal Team Task Managers receive requests from Branch Heads and allocate tasks to the Task Executives.

4. The Task Executives can check tasks, process them, and mark them complete.

5. The Admin or the Software Owner can manage the features and flow of the software.

5 Types of Users
Real-time Notifications

Real-time Notifications

  • Status for all the requests and tasks is updated in real-time in the app. And the app keeps the concerned members notified about the pending requests and tasks.
  • The developers also added a feature to track the license date and keep the members notified about its expiry date or when a renewal date approaches near.

Pharmaceutical Licence Managment Portal

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